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Saudi Jawazat reminder for expatriates biometric registration

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Overview of biometrics registration for Saudi expats

We all know that registration of biometrics details with Saudi Jawazat while living in the kingdom is quite important for all of us. It does not help all of us to get registered in the government database but also to avail of several Saudi Jawazat facilities. Some such facilities are buying the mobile Sims, exit re-entry visa issuance, getting final exits, etc.

The Recent announcement of Saudi Jawazat

Recently, The Directorate General of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) has asked from all the Saudi expats living in the kingdom, to get their biometrics details registered as soon as it could be.


The procedure of biometrics registration

  1. The said procedure of biometrics could be done easily by visiting the specified offices at earliest. Those Saudi expats who have not got their fingerprints registered along with their families need to be registered accordingly.
  2. The Saudi expats should also bring their dependent family members with them to the Saudi Jawazat office having age more than over six years.
  3. Once they visit the Saudi Jawazat office, the fingerprints will be registered in the Saudi Jawazat electronic system, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported Monday.

The objective of biometrics registration

  1. The objective of such biometrics registration by the Government is to provide the expatriates with several services that are quite helpful.
  2. The other objective is to allow Saudi expats to carry out any procedures or transactions in the computer system. The same would not be available to the expatriates if the biometric registration is not being done.

The Directorate reiterated that it will stop the registers of expatriates for those not registered their biometrics in the Saudi Jawazat electronic system.


  1. The directorate has specified various locations in all the areas and the relevant regions and governorates of the Kingdom to register fingerprints for the expatriates.
  2. The said locations have been provided with the required equipment, machinery and qualified staff for assistance.

For further information on locations for registering fingerprints, expatriates can visit the Saudi Jawazat website

The Directorate General of Passports has also assigned an email ([email protected]) to receive all queries and suggestions.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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