Jobs in Restaurants, Malls, and Education to be Saudized Soon

We all know that the Saudi Government is desperate to achieve their goals set in the shape of Saudi Vision 2030. The Government has been really proactive since last few years in implementing the changes required to achieve their objectives.

One of the significant objective embedded in Saudi Vision 2030 is to achieve the highest ratio of Saudization in each and every profession existing in Saudi Arabia. Read more: The Ministry Announces100% Saudization in Careem, Uber and Other Application

Based on the aforementioned goals, the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development has recently announced that they have already completed their study and related analysis in localizing the following professions:

  1. Jobs related to Restaurants.
  2. Jobs related to Cafes.
  3. Jobs related to Hypermarkets.
  4. Jobs related to Shopping Malls.

28,000 Saudi Men and Women Entered in the Labor Market

As per the reported figures, almost 28,000 Saudi men and women have entered in to the labor market of Saudi Arabia and this trend is increasing day by day. The Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development is trying its best to create and provide the job opportunities to the Saudi citizens and the numbers are really satisfying and increasing to a good extent. Read more: The Ministry Announces Saudization in Accounting Department

The Other Professions Already Localized in Saudi Arabia

We just remind our website readers that the following professions have either been fully localized/Saudized or heading towards complete localization:

  1. 30% Saudization in Pharmacist Profession
  2. 30% Saudization in Accounting Profession
  3. 25% Saudization in IT Profession
  4. 20% Saudization in Engineering Profession
  5. 100% Saudization in Computer and Mobile Shops
  6. 100% Saudization in Hotel Reception and Security Staff
  7. 70% Saudization in Tea Profession
  8. 70% Saudization in Coffee Profession
  9. 70% Saudization in Honey Profession
  10. 70% Saudization in Water & Beverages Profession
  11. 70% Saudization in Vegetables Profession
  12. 70% Saudization in Fruits & Dates Profession
  13. 70% Saudization in Flower Plants Profession
  14. 70% Saudization in agricultural Profession
  15. 70% Saudization in Stationary Profession
  16. 70% Saudization in Gifts Profession
  17. 70% Saudization in Handicrafts Profession
  18. 70% Saudization in Children’s Toy store Profession
  19. 70% Saudization in Meat, Fish, Cheese, Eggs, Oil Vendors Profession
  20. 70% Saudization in wholesale Profession.

Keeping in view the rapid changes as discussed above, In the near future, it is expected that further professions will also be localized based on the requirements and where the Saudi citizens can be accommodated. This step will contribute to the economic development of the country by overall increasing the employment level. Read more: Saudization in Food delivery Services Through Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

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