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Legally Fly your own drone in Saudi Arabia by just paying SAR.250

Drones are the new technology in the word. It was a time when clicking black and white pictures through their still cameras with the limited reel. Then a time evolved that every other cell phone got the camera with high pixels to cover your events and memories. People started investing in buying DSLR as their new hobby due to the HD images and videos it captures.

But now the world has revolutionized, and there is no need to go uphill and click pictures or capture photos of nature without any human hindrance. Drones are the new revolutionary technology that allows stills and landscapes, and quality views a possibility to capture. However, the usage of drones requires an exclusive license in Saudi Arabia.

To ease the task of license your drones, General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has launched a new service. What is the new service? What is the need for this service in the kingdom? Read about the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) circular in the article below.

The aim of General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to facilitate the drone users

In a recent circular by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), a new electronic service has been launched on their website for the drone users to register themselves for the license online. This new service is under the framework of a comprehensive digital transformation project for GACA’s services. 

What is the need for licensing drones in the Kingdom?

It is essential to licensing drones before its usage to maintain a safe environment and keep up with the specific safety standards. This is under the framework of Saudi Vision 2030, which allows registration of drones user-friendly and quick by merely visiting the website of GACA.

How can a drone user register him on the website of GACA?

To register a drone for the license, you have to follow the simple steps mentioned below,

  • Visit the website. (Click here).
  • Fill the needed information.
  • Follow-up the process.

Fees for getting the permit to legally fly Drone

  • Commercial drone permits will cost SR.500 and requires completion of a GACA training course.
  • A recreational drone permit will cost SR.250, just under $70.

The ease of this electronic service in registering drone usage

The electronic service is linked to various governmental organizations that allow registering and issuing procedure quick and easy. A  GACA’s campaign was launched to enhance awareness of the importance of recording and granting license for the drones by GACA, which is a prerequisite for operating drones in the Kingdom.

What are the three categories of drones and their procedures?

Even though drones are remotely piloted, the pre-programmed plane that has specific routes and performs particular tasks, yet it is categorized into three categories that require different procedures. They are,

  1. Non-creational commercial with 25 kg or above.
  2. The non-creational commercial small type.
  3. Amateur and personal use.
  1. Non-creational commercial category

It requires registration and issuing the license and approval of GACA. 

  1. Amateur and personal use

It requires registering the drones and issuance of a permit and operating license and practicing this hobby through the aviation club licensed by the GACA.

  1. Other services associated with drones on GACA site

Other different services apart from registering for license GACA provide are,

  • Registration and renewal.
  • Re-issuance of lost license.
  • Change of drone ownership.
  • Registration number.

You can now enjoy droning in the kingdom with freedom. So go buy the new technology and capture nature, your memories and all you wish for as GACA has provided electronic services to ease license processing. Do you have a drone? What was the issue in licensing before? Share your thoughts with us and spread the new circular with droning people around.

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Source: GACA

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