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List of 24 Prohibited Items to Bring (Import) in Saudi Arabia

As we know that every country has its own rules and Saudi Arabia is one of the countries who is known for having stringent laws. Therefore, those are planning to visit Saudi Arabia need to aware of what are the prohibited items to bring (import) in Saudi Arabia. While packing your luggage or hand-carried you should keep the list of prohibited items in your mind to avoid any delays or fines or penalties. Below is the comprehensive list of prohibited items to bring in Saudi Arabia.

1) Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks, Flavoring extracts, Cooking wines, Liquor, items containing liquor.

2) Foreign Currency

Carrying a foreign currency in excess of prescribed limits or carrying over value of SR 60,000 in cash.

3) Narcotics

Drugs of all kinds, forms, and names in addition to the snuff, Tumbak, and Cola nut.

4) Medicines

Without a proper prescription for personal use are prohibited and subject to possible confiscation. All kinds of medicines including Injections for diabetic patients are allowed as long as they are accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and is to be for personal use only.

5) Weapons

Ammunition, Guns, Explosives, or any sort of weapons.

6) Games

Magic games, Games of gambling (Chess, Dice, Backgammon, Poker chips, Roulette etc.) and video games listed on the Saudi website click here.

7) Books or Magazine

Containing material against Islam or Saudi Arabia beliefs or morality are not allowed. The Holy Quran in commercial quantities. All kind of religion books (including but not limited to Qur’an, Bible, etc.)

8) Political

Politically sensitive material.

9) Radio Transmitter/Telephones

Ultrasonic level transmitter, Magnetic level transmitters, Radar fill level transmitters.

10) Spare Parts

Used car parts, parts, except for main spare parts (such as transmission, outside body of the cars, differential, engine).

11) Fireworks

Firecracker, Rocket, Sutli bomb, Cherry bomb and etc.

12) Communication Equipment

Phones, Modems, Walkie-talkies, Spying devices (pens, watches, etc).

13) Electronic Cigarette

Vapes, E-hookah, Vape pens, Cigars.

14) Herbal Items

Herbal Tea, or any kind of Herbal products.

15) Animal Foods

Products containing Frog meat, Products containing pork (Pig).

16) Christmas Trees or Decorations.

17) Night vision Binoculars

Night-vision equipment, Drones, Night vision cameras.

18) Foodstuff

All foodstuffs made from animal blood.

19) Pornographic

such as Books, DVD’s, Magazines (Women’s Fashion magazines with images of models in revealing clothing might be confiscated.), External Hard drives, 

20) Dogs

Watchdogs, Hunting dogs, Seeing-eye dogs and hearing dogs are permitted into Saudi Arabia. 

21) Zamzam Labelled Water

is prohibited to bring in Saudi Arabia for commercial purpose.

22) Military

Military uniforms or equipment, of any kind, related to the military.

24) Nutmeg fruit

Seeds and Powder thereof. Permission to import it is confined to its powder mixed with other spices within the limits of a permissible ratio which does not exceed 20%.

Prohibited Items to Bring to Saudi Arabia

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