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List of Saudi Iqama Professions Eligible for Saudi Family Visit Visa 2020

Saudi Expat Work Visa

Many Saudi expats are unaware whether their Saudi Iqama Profession is Eligible for Saudi Family Visit Visa

Many of our frequent website visitors and subscribers especially Saudi expats working inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia keep on inquiring us to provide them a platform where they can check whether their Saudi Iqama profession is eligible for applying and getting the Saudi Family visit visa.

Most of the Saudi expat get lost due to the lack of information about their Saudi Iqama profession eligibility. They find it difficult to contact the adequate platform or the required information center where they can know whether their families are allowed to easily get the Saudi Family visit visa based on their Saudi Iqama Profession. Read more: Saudi Family Visit visa Cost Fixed as SR.300 with 1 Year Validity

Just to fulfill the request of our readers working on different kinds of the profession and for the purpose of their ease, we have listed down the name of the professions which are eligible for applying and getting the Saudi Family visit visa. Read more: Nationality Wise Family Visit Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia for 2019-2020

Profession Search Function

Note: The list of professions mentioned below is quite big, therefore, we have provided a facility of search option to our website readers. You can just type your profession in the search feature below and if your profession is eligible for a Saudi family visit visa application, it will appear immediately. Read more: Validity of the Saudi Family Visit Visa

S.No.DepartmentsTitle of Job
1Accounts & FinanceAccounts Manager
2Accounts & FinanceSenior Accountant
3Accounts & FinanceAccountant
4Accounts & FinanceAccounts Verifier
5Accounts & FinanceChief Accountant
6Accounts & FinanceChief Financial Controller
8AuditSenior Auditor
9AuditInternal Auditor
10Accounts & FinanceFinancial Analyst
11Accounts & FinanceFinancial Reporting Analyst
12AdminAdministrative Researcher
13AdminAdministration Coordinator
14Civil AviationAir Controller
15Civil AviationAir Hostess
16Civil AviationAir Navigator
17Civil AviationAir Transport Manager
18Civil AviationAircraft Landing Controller
19Civil AviationAircraft Maintenance Technician
20Civil AviationAircraft Takeoff Controller
21Civil AviationAssistant Pilot
22Civil AviationFlight Technician
23Civil AviationPilot
24ArchaeologyAquatic Specialist
25ArchaeologyArcheological Director
26ArchaeologyArcheological Prospector
27ArchaeologyArcheological Researcher
28ArchaeologyArchitectural Draftsman
36EngineersAssistant Engineer - All Specializations
37ManagerAssistant General Manager
38Hospital & PharmacyAssistant Pharmacist
39AviationAviation Guide
40AviationAviation Technician
41AviationAviation Trainer
42BankingBank Manager
43BankingBank Official
45BankingBanking Business Manager
46BreedingBreeding Specialist - Animals
47BreedingBreeding Specialist - Bees
48BreedingBreeding Specialist - Birds
49BreedingHorse Breeding Technician
50TV/ RadioBroadcasting Manager
51BusinessBusiness Lady
52BusinessBusiness Man
53CinemaCinema Cameraman
54CinemaCinema Director
55CinemaCinema Producer
56OthersCommercial Broker
57OthersCommercial Manager
58Plant & ProductionPlant Manager
59Plant & ProductionProduction Manager
60Plant & ProductionProduction Engineer
61Plant & ProductionFactory Manager
62CourtChief Justice
63CourtHead of Prosecution
65CourtLawyer - Advocate
67CourtCustoms Clearer
68CourtCustoms Specialist
69CourtCorrespondent Newspaper - Radio - TV
70Information & Technology (IT)Computer Programmer
71Information & Technology (IT)Computer Technician
72Information & Technology (IT)Information Systems Expert
73Information & Technology (IT)Systems Analyst
74University & SchoolCollege Dean
75University & SchoolInstitute Manager
76University & SchoolLecturer
77University & SchoolLibrary Manager
78University & SchoolLibrary Secretary
79University & SchoolProfessor
80University & SchoolSchool Manager
81University & SchoolSpecial Needs Teacher
82University & SchoolTeacher - Instructor
83University & SchoolUniversity President
84University & SchoolUniversity Professor
85University & SchoolUniversity Student
86LaboratoryLab Manager
87LaboratoryLab Specialist
88LaboratoryLab Technician
89LaboratoryLand Hostess
90LaboratoryLand Transport Manager
91MarineMarine Navigator
92MarineMarine Traffic Controller
93MarineMarine Transport Manager
94MarineMaritime Controller
95MarketingMarketing Executive
96MarketingMarketing Manager
97MarketingMarketing Representative
98MarketingMarketing Specialist
99Hospital & PharmacyChemist - All Specializations
100Hospital & PharmacyDental Technician - Fixing
101Hospital & PharmacyGeneral Specialist
102Hospital & PharmacyHospital Manager
103Hospital & PharmacyMedical Analysis Specialist
104Hospital & PharmacyMedical Equipment Technician
105Hospital & PharmacyMedical Therapy Specialist
106Hospital & PharmacyMedical X-Ray Specialist
107Hospital & PharmacyNurse Male - Female
108Hospital & PharmacyPharmaceutical Technician
109Hospital & PharmacyPharmacist
110Hospital & PharmacyPhysician - All Specializations
111Hospital & PharmacyPhysicist
112Hospital & PharmacyPsychiatrist
113Hospital & PharmacySurgeon - All Specializations
114Hospital & PharmacyVeterinary Doctor
115Hospital & PharmacyX-Ray Specialist
116Hospital & PharmacyX-Ray Technician
117NavyCruise Ship Guide
118NavyShip Captain
119NavyShip Captain - Cruise - Carrier - Steamship
120NavyShip Maintenance Technician
121SalesSales Executive
122SalesSales Manager
123SalesSales Representative
124SportsPlayer - All Sports
125SportsReferee Sports
126SportsSports Medicine Specialist
127SportsSports Player
128SportsSports Representative
129SportsSports Trainer
130OthersTV Cameraman
131OthersTV Manager
132OthersTV Producer
133OthersTV Programs Presenter
134OthersTV Transmission Technician
135OthersCareer Counselor
137OthersChairman All Types
138OthersClub President
139Hospital & PharmacyConsultant All Types
140MaintenanceControl Equipments Technician
141OthersCooperative Society Manager
142OthersDecoration Designer
145OthersEarthquakes Expert
146Hospital & PharmacyECG Technician
147Finance & AccountsEconomic Analyst
148MaintenanceElectricity Manager
149EngineersEngineer - All Specializations
150Executive Director
151Executive Manager
152Executive Secretary
153Farm Manager
154Accounts & FinanceFinance - Economics Expert
155Accounts & FinanceFinance Manager
156OthersFood Controller
157OthersFoodstuff Technician
158OthersGardening Specialist
159OthersGeneral Agricultural Specialist
160OthersGeneral Geologist
161OthersGeneral Professional Trainer
162SupervisorsGeneral Supervisor
163OthersGeology Technician
164OthersHotel Manager
165OthersInsurance Manager
166OthersInvestment Manager
170OthersLegal Expert
171OthersLegal Researcher
173MaintenanceMaintenance Manager
174MaintenanceMaintenance Supervisor
176OthersManager All Types
177MediaMedia Controller
178MediaMedia Manager
179MediaMedia Person
180MediaMedia Specialist
181OthersMicroscopic Technician
182OthersMining Technician
183OthersMinistry Undersecretary
184OthersMuseum Manager
185OthersNutrition Specialist
186OthersOperations Analyst
187Hospital & PharmacyOptical Technician
189OthersPress Photographer
190OthersPrinting Manager
191ProcurementProcurement Representative
192ProductionProduction Director
193SafetyProfessional Safety Technician
194MaintananceProfessional Security Technician
195OthersProgram Designer
196OthersProgram Producer
198MediaPublishing Manager
199QCQuality Controller
200QCQuantity Enumerator
201MediaRadio Programs Presenter
202MediaRadio Transmission Technician
203OthersRegional Director
204OthersReligious Person
205OthersResearch & Studies Director
206OthersRoad Controller
208OthersShip Supervisor
210OthersSpeech Specialist
211OthersStatistics Specialist
212WarehouseStore Keeper
213OthersSupport Services Jobs
215OthersTelecom Technician
216OthersTheatre Manager
217OthersTourism Agency Manager
218OthersTourism Agent
219OthersTourist Guide
221MaintenanceTrain Maintenance Technician
223OthersTravel Agent
224OthersWeather Expert
225OthersWell Drilling Technician
226Hospital & PharmacyZoology Specialist
227EngineersSite Engineer
228SafetySafety Officer
229ProductionProduction Foreman
230ProductionProduction Supervisor
231Accounts & FinanceGeneral Accountant
232QCQuality Officer

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