List of the Chamber of Commerce Offices in Saudi Arabia

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What is the Chamber of Commerce?

A local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place. It is created by the business community for the advocacy of the businesses of their society.

What is the Role of the Chamber of Commerce?

The chamber of commerce is assisting the business community in the area. It is their biggest support system. It allows you to interact with other businessmen of the society, promote your product or services, lobbying activities and gaining credibility.

Is there a Chamber of Commerce in KSA?

If you are an expatriate or a local Saudi businessman all you need is to interact with people of your community to grow and flourish. Kingdom has many centers of business hubs for the new people to gather with the experienced and learn. Some of them are listed below.

1). Jeddah

The major city of Saudi Arabia, the hub of business and tourism. You can find the chamber of commerce at:

S.No.Location NameLocation
1Jeddah chamber of commerce at Mega Mall، Rooftop parking, Al FaisaliyyahGoogle Map Location
2Jeddah chamber of commerce and industry branchGoogle Map Location
3Jeddah chamber main buldingGoogle Map Location
4Jeddah chamber,  King Abdul Aziz, Al-BaladGoogle Map Location

2). Riyadh

The capital of Saudi Arabia has a chamber of commerce at,

S.No.Location NameLocation
1Riyadh chamber of commerce, Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St.Google Map Location
2Riyadh chamber, Ad Din Al Ayyubi Road, Al MalazGoogle Map Location
3Chamber of commerce and industry, Wadi Al Muaydin, An Nakheel, RiyadhGoogle Map Location
4Riyadh chamber, King Abdullah roadGoogle Map Location
5Riyadh chamber of commerce, King Abdullah roadGoogle Map Location
6Riyadh chamber of commerce and industry, New Industrial Area, 2nd Industrial City.Google Map Location
7Sheikh abdul Mohsin al swailem business club, Anas ibn Aws, Al MurabbaGoogle Map Location

3). Dammam

The coastline city has several chambers of commerce located in the following areas.

S.No.Location NameLocation
1Asharqia chamber in Dammam, King Fahd Road, Al HussamGoogle Map Location
2Asharqia chamber,  Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road, Ash Shati Al Gharbi، Ash Shati Al Gharbi, DammamGoogle Map Location
3Chamber of commerce – training center, King Khaled St, Ar Rabi, DammamGoogle Map Location
4Chamber of commerce, Omar Ibn Al Khattab St, Al Faisaliyah, DammamGoogle Map Location

4). Makkah

You can find the chamber of commerce in the following locations in Makkah.

S.No.Location NameLocation
1Makkah chamber of commerce on Al-takhsosi roadGoogle Map Location
2Makkah chamber of commerce on Ar-rusayfah roadGoogle Map Location

5). Madinah

Commonly known as the city of Prophet (PBUH), the location of the chamber of commerce is:

S.No.Location NameLocation
1Chamber of commerce and industry on king Adul Aziz roadGoogle Map Location
2Chamber of commerce on Al-hadiqah roadGoogle Map Location
3Garfah al-Madinah, tahtal InshaGoogle Map Location

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