List of Violations & Penalties for the Non-Compliance with Saudi Arabia Public Decorum Laws

Overview of the Kingdom’s Initiatives in Promoting Saudi Vision 2030

The Kingdom has been taking broad steps in promoting new initiatives, services, Art and culture throughout the country. The foremost reason for such activities is the pro-active persuasion of Saudi Vision 2030 set by the Kingdom. 

In pursuance of Saudi vision 2030, the Kingdom has introduced significant laws which ensure the safety, security, and prosperity of the Saudi Citizens and Saudi expats which normally access the public areas for their entertainment and good time pass.

Announcement of the New law of maintaining public decorum

The Kingdom has introduced new laws and regulations related to the Public decency, maintenance of Public Decorum and taking appropriate measures in eliminating or reducing to a greater extent the non-compliance of maintaining Public Decorum. Read more: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia for 2019

The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has now approved the implementation of new regulations related to public decency, which identify 19 offenses is punishable by fines. Read more: Traffic fine against spitting and throwing trash outside a vehicle in Saudi Arabia

Visitors & Tourists need to be aware of Public Decency laws & Its Compliance

The regulations will help ensure that visitors and tourists in Saudi Arabia are aware of laws that concern public behavior and are in compliance with Saudi law. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia encourages tourists and visitors to familiarize themselves with public decency laws to avoid a fine and looks forward to welcoming all people from around the world. Read more: Cafes and Restaurant offering Shisha needs to pay SR 100,000 yearly to get the license

The new regulations require men and women to dress modestly and to refrain from public displays of affection. Women are free to choose a modest choice of clothing. We recommend that whoever is visiting Saudi Arabia on Tourist Visa must read the below mentioned 19 rules and familiarize himself/herself well in order to prevent from the non-compliance of the Public decency regulations and the related amount of penalties. Read more: SR 300 Fine For a Child Below 10, Sitting on the Front Seat of a Vehicle

List of Violations & Penalties for Non-Compliance with Decency Laws

S.No. Violations Penalty General Provisions

First-Time Violation Repeated Violation
1 Indecent behavior that includes an
act of sexual nature.
SR.3,000 SR.6,000 Persons authorized for the identification and recording of violations and imposition of fines as provided for in these regulations are Policemen.

2 Playing music in high volume inside a residential area and a complaint is made by one or more residents, without obtaining prior approval. SR.500 SR.1,000
3 Playing music during prayer times. SR.1,000 SR.2,000 Penalties shall not be imposed on any behavior not provided for in the violations table.

4 Non-removal of pet feces by its owner. SR.100 SR.200
5 Littering in non-designated areas and spitting. SR.500 SR.1,000 Each Violator shall bear the costs of rectifying the violation.

6 Occupying the seats and facilities designated for the elderly and the disabled. SR.200 SR.400
7 Bypassing barriers to access public places. SR.500 SR.1,000 Any person harmed by the violation shall have the right to file a lawsuit.

8 Wearing improper clothing in public places. Dress code for visitors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be in accordance with the standards set for such purpose. SR.100 SR.200
9 Wearing underwear and sleepwear. SR.100 SR.200 In the case of multiple violators in a single violation, the prescribed fine shall be imposed on each violator.

10 Wearing in public places clothing that bears profane language or obscene images or symbols. SR.100 SR.200
11 Wearing in public places clothing that bears language, images, or symbols that encourage discrimination or racism, or promote porn or drug use. SR.500 SR.1,000 In the case of multiple violations, the violator shall be subject to the fines prescribed for each violation, in accordance with these regulations.

12 Writing or drawing, or any other similar act, on public transportation vehicles and on public walls without authorization. SR.100 SR.200
13 Placing slogans or images on public
transportation vehicles that encourage racism or promote porn or drug use.
SR.100 SR.200 Any person against whom a penalty decision is issued, in accordance with these regulations, may file a grievance before the Public Decency Circuit at the Specialized Administrative Court (Board of Grievances).

14 Placing commercial labels and distributing flyers in public places without permission. SR.100 SR.200
15 Igniting fires in non-designated areas in parks and public places. SR.100 SR.200
16 Any act, whether physical or verbal, that may harm, frighten, or endanger any an individual in a public place. SR.100 SR.200  
17 Skipping waiting lines in public places, unless permitted. SR.50 SR.100  
18 Exposing people in public places to harmful lightings, such as laser beams, that may harm, frighten, or endanger such people. SR.100 SR.200  
19 Taking pictures or videos, without permission, people, traffic accidents, crimes, or other incidents. SR.1,000 SR.2,000  

Implementation of the Law

As for the implementation, Saudi Police officers are the sole authority responsible for monitoring offenses and imposing fines. Offenders have the right to submit a grievance claim before the Common Courtesy Department and appeal any fines. Read more: Penalties on Using Cell Phones And Bluetooth Devices While Driving in Saudi Arabia

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Source: Saudi Gazette/ Arab News

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