Recent announcement by the Ministry for Hajj packages

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has fixed charges for various packages of local Hajj 2019 services offered by local Hajj companies and establishments.

New names were adopted for 2019 packages before adding the value added tax (VAT).

Allocation of Hajj tents starting from Thursday

In the meantime, the ministry will start allocating tents for the local pilgrims (Saudi expats and Saudi citizens) on Thursday (May 09, 2019). Read more: Launching of Hajj portal to view local hajj 2019 packages

Category and Charges of Hajj packages

We have enlisted below the category of different Hajj packages along with their respective charges.

Procedure to apply for local hajj 2019

We have already written an article related to procedure to apply for local hajj. Read more: Procedure to apply online local Hajj from Saudi Arabia

Economic Category

The economy category is the cheapest one among all the Hajj packages announced by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The charges of economic category amounts to SR.4,297.

A1 Category 

The A1 category is above economic category. The rate for category A1 will reach up to SR4,547 in accordance with the availability of the train service.

A2 Category 

The charges of A2 category for Hajj will range between SR.4,235 to SR.4,485.

B Category

The charges for B category for Hajj is between SR.4,172 to SR.4,422.

C Category

The range for category C is between SR.4,047 to SR.4,297.

D Category

Under the category of D for Hajj, there are 2 sub-categories D1 and D2.

The range of D1 category is between SR.4,172 to SR.4,922. While for the category D2 the range will be SR.3,947 to SR.4,047.

E Category

The range is from SR.3,697 to SR.4,047.

Economic package 2 Category

The charges will be for this category SR. 3,465.

Guest Packages

Guest 1 Package
Package Name Package Amount
Guest A1 SR.8,161
Guest A2 SR.8,099
Guest B SR.8,036
Guest C SR.7,911
Guest D1 SR.7,786
Guest D2 SR.7,661
Guest E
Guest 2 Package
Package Name Package Amount
Guest A1 SR.7,910
Guest A2 SR.7,848
Guest B SR.7,785
Guest C SR.7,660
Guest D1 SR.7,535
Guest D2 SR.7,410
Guest E SR.7,310
Guest 3 Package
Package Name Package Amount
Guest A1 SR.7,108
Guest A2 SR.7,046
Guest B SR.6,983
Guest C SR.6,858
Guest D1 SR.6,733
Guest D2 SR.6,608
Guest E SR.6,508
Guest 4 Package
Package Name Package Amount
Guest A1 SR.6,308
Guest A2 SR.6,246
Guest B SR.6,183
Guest C SR.6,058
Guest D1 SR.5,933
Guest D2 SR.5,808
Guest E SR.5,708

The charge for a Hajj pilgrim at Mina tower has been fixed at SR.11,905.

The ministry will allocate tents for Hajj service providers in the economic packages of 1 and 2 on Thursday while allocation of tents for the categories in the Guest Package will be made on Sunday.

Source: Saudi Gazette