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Lucky Security Guard awarded 200,000 Riyals by Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad

In a world where people are busy making themselves happy and successful, they have forgotten about others. The people have become selfish. They don’t care about anyone anymore. All they need is to make them contented with everything. It is unfortunate that when digital media connected everyone, the people are becoming more isolated.

Those were the old times when people used to sit with one another and mesmerize the happy moments, discuss issues and whatnot. Now the people are less concerned with their surroundings and are now connected to unknown around them. But yes, social media has become a significant platform to raise your voice against brutality, cruelty and awareness. There are stories of hundreds of people who took social sites for their issues and became a worldwide concern.

Read about the story of the old tea seller woman who took social media for her voice. Recently, a Saudi guard took the media to cry his concerns, and it is impressive how the people responded. What happened to the Saudi guard? How did he find help? Read all about it in the article below.

Saudi Guard lost his bike made him cry in tears

A Saudi guard named Nasir Hamood living in the central Jeddah was working as a security guard using a motorcycle to reach his office. One day his bike was stolen, which made the Saudi guard think how he will go to his office the next day? Out of emotions and depression, the Saudi man made a video with teary eyes explaining his helplessness about how he will go to his office? Read more: A Great Lesson from a Woman Tea Seller in Madinah who went to Twitter to complain and got her Right Back

Why the 150 riyal bike got millions of riyals?

The video grabbed the attention of the viewers on the social platforms as the video went viral. Within a few hours, A man transferred 20,000 riyals in the security guard’s bank account and offered him a job. The video also got the attention of Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad. He immediately contacted him and offered him SR.200,000. The bike of merely 155 riyals brought hundred thousands of riyal to Nasir Hamood. Read more: A Saudi man gift a car to help the old man with an elderly daughter

What did Nasir Hamood say in his second video uploaded?

After a few hours, Nasir Hamood uploaded another video out of affection and said,

I am especially grateful to Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad. He heard my cry. Now my needs have been fulfilled, but I have found something that was not even in my dreams. There is no shortage of sympathizers in the world who don’t delay in helping the needy, I was worried about my bike being stolen so couldn’t control the details and uploaded the video, But now my need is fulfilled, so I don’t need anything anymore.

The comparison of 150 riyals with million by a Saudi artist

Famous Saudi artist Faiz al-Maliki shared the photo of the Saudi guard with Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd on his Twitter account and wrote,

In exchange for 15 sorrel bikes, Almighty Allah sent 200,000 riyals, your tears made us cry, and the handsome stance of the men made them happy.

It was beautiful how the cry of a poor Saudi guard was heard. It shows that people who carry the pain of humanity still lives in the world. Further, it lights on the importance of the use of the right medium to raise your voice. Share the affectionate story of the Saudi guard with your friends. Read more: Saudi woman gifts a mobile phone to her housemaid after her phone was stolen

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