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Mandatory Online Submission of Local and Saudi Expat Employment Contract in Saudi Arabia

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Recent Announcement by Ministry of Labor

Recently, the Minister of Labor and Social Development has duly approved a program for the online documentation of labor contracts.

Private sector employers need to submit employees contract electronically

This will enable employers in the private sector to submit electronically contracts of their employees to the ministry as well as to update information contained in the contracts submitted earlier. Related: List of heavy fines on Saudi employer up to SR 25,000

Saudi expats and Saudi citizens now can verify the accuracy of their contract

The above-mentioned move will also provide the Saudi expats and Saudi citizens with an opportunity to verify the accuracy of their contract data through the contract documentation service on the electronic services portal of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). Read more: GOSI benefits for Saudi expat workers in Saudi Arabia

Mandatory on companies to document new contract of Saudi expat electronically

According to the new decision, it is mandatory for owners of companies and establishments to document electronically any new contracts signed with workers. Read more: Saudi expats can report marking them absent from work in Saudi Arabia

Documentation of earlier signed contracts in phases

As for the contracts signed earlier, they can be documented in phases set by the Ministry on a time-bound basis in accordance with the size of the firms and the number of employees.

The decision is expected to contribute to safeguard the rights of enterprises and their employees, in addition to facilitating the archiving of contracts and reducing disputes. Read more: SR 1 million fine and 15 years jail for threatening employees at workplace in Saudi Arabia

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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