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Ministry of Justice Introduces New System of Divorce Notification Through SMS

Divorce Notification through SMS

Ministry of Justice to Notify Married Women Through SMS in Case of Divorce

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been quite proactive in introducing the new laws regarding the betterment of the Saudi citizens and the Saudi expats, recently, the Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia has announced its verdict which says that the Saudi married women will be notified through SMS in case the divorce finally takes place. Divorce Notification through SMS

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Background of the Decision Taken by Ministry of Justice

The following are certain reasons which compelled the Ministry of Justice to take the decision of announcing the divorce notification through SMS:

  1. There were many cases in the past witnessed by the courts where the Saudi women used to continue living with their ex-husbands without knowing that they had already been divorced.
  2. To ensure that the Saudi women get their [alimony] rights when they’re divorced.
  3. To ensure that any powers of attorney issued before the divorce are not misused subsequently.
  4. To ensure that no Saudi men register divorce deed at the court without telling their wives.
  5. To plug every loophole that allowed ex-husbands or male relatives to have an upper hand in matters of inheritance and the management of the family estate. Read more: Saudi Women Drivers to Start Driving Family Taxis

Features of the New System Introduced by Ministry of Justice

  1. The Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia has taken an excellent new initiative which will notify the women immediately by SMS to their phone numbers registered through the Absher system when a divorce deed is issued by a court.
  2. This new system will authorize a court employee to confirm the identity of the woman through Absher, her national ID and her date of birth.
  3. The ministry added that a woman could also inquire about her marital status through the ministry’s portal Najez.
  4. The concerned woman will be able to personally contact the women’s section of the court or at the office of the president of the court to receive a copy of the document. Read more: Female Tourist Above 25 Yrs of Age Can Now Travel to Saudi Arabia Alone

Effective Date of the New System

Starting from Sunday, January 06, 2019, the courts will be required to notify women by text/SMS on rulings confirming their divorces. Divorce Notification through SMS

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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