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Ministry of Labor Launched Mobile Application to File Late Salary Cases in Saudi Arabia

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A society works efficiently when the due rights and obligations are fulfilled. A relationship must establish, a trust to build and to continue faithful work towards one another. A country is a more significant framework, where a nation has to work together in different sectors and domains to efficiently serve towards progress and development. The rights of these workers must be given to extract work from them.

Keeping in the importance of their rights, Saudi Arabia has launched a portal system for the workers in the kingdom to file their cases in case if they are not served properly. What is this portal? How to use this portal? Read all about it in the article below.

Late Payment of Salaries is a Violation in the Kingdom

Replying to the question of a citizen, The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare made a statement on Twitter saying that,

Everyone must abide by the rules of the law. They have made it clear that not paying workers Salary by the 5th of every month is a violation of the law.

What is the Law Regarding the Payment of Salaries?

According to the Royal orders, the salaries of the workers should be paid by the 27th of every month in the kingdom. There may be delayed only in case of weekly or official holidays. Read more: New Fines & Penalties Introduced by Ministry benefiting Saudi expats working in Saudi Arabia

How to Report these Late Salary Cases?

The Ministry says that the victims can file a complaint through the smartphone app on the delay of salary. According to local newspaper, a special application on smartphones has been launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to address pay delays. You can download it from the link below (click here). Read more: Procedure of transferring sponsorship for domestic workers after recent changes in Saudi Labor Law

How to Cater to the Threats of the Company While Reporting Late Salary Case?

A victim pleaded the Ministry of Labor that they faced significant delays in payment of salaries and threatened to terminate from the job if the company management complains about it. The Ministry of Labor heard his plea and said,

All legitimate complaints can be uploaded to the relevant app of the Ministry about which the Ministry of Labor Committee has approached the concerned institution to resolve them immediately after a thorough investigation.

What Other Steps are Taken by the Government to Protect Worker Rights?

The Ministry of Labor has taken several steps in the kingdom to protect the worker rights among them are,

  • Establishment of sub-institutions in all cities to protect the rights of employers and merchants, while also providing online services.
  • Labor courts are also set up under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, where judges are appointed to ensure the protection of workers’ rights. Foreigners who do not know Arabic are also offered the facility of interpreters. Read more: Ministry of Labor Cancels Yellow Category of Nitaqat system

These are some of the few steps taken by the Ministry of Labor to ensure the protection of worker rights. These initiatives are a part of the Saudi Vision 2030 umbrella, which aims to diversify and stabilize the economy and develop a country towards progress. It is an excellent leading example for other countries to learn the importance of worker rights. Share your thoughts on the launch of the worker portal in the comment section below. Read more: The Social Media News of ending the Sponsorship System in Saudi Arabia is Unauthentic and Unverified

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