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Miracle Baby Who Beat 3 Deadly Diseases Covid-19, E. Coli and Sepsis in 2 Months

A weak and extremely underweight baby born prematurely in the UK has stunned the medical world in the first eight (8) weeks of his life by defeating three (3) deadly diseases such as COVID-19, E. coli infection and sepsis.

Birth of this Child

Unlike healthy newborns, this baby was born 15 weeks earlier. At the time of his birth, his heart was not beating. However, after 40 minutes of hard work by doctors, his heart started beating and he was transferred to the ventilator intensive care unit.

When was this Baby Born?

The baby was born on December 1, 2020, and was named “Archie”. Archie was born to a young couple, Sherry Murray and Robert Edwards, but had to face problems shortly after birth.

When did he Get Sick with these Diseases?

In the fifth (5) week of his life, Archie became seriously ill with a bacterium called E. coli, which further caused him to develop a deadly disease called sepsis.

Youngest Patient of COVID-19 in the UK

Doctors tested him urgently and found that the newborn Archie was also suffering from coronavirus apart from both of these diseases. It also became that he was the youngest patient of COVID-19 in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Recovery from these Deadly Diseases

However, the doctors did not give up and started treatment. Now that Archie is eight (8) weeks old, he has overcome all three (3) illnesses and is recovering well. And until he is fully recovered, Archie will remain in the intensive care unit for children at Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire.

The Miracle Child

Given how ‘Archie’ has defeated three (3) deadly diseases simultaneously, the British media has given him the name ‘Miracle Child’. The name is also correct in a way because babies born prematurely at 15 weeks are extremely vulnerable and are fighting for their survival. Defeating the three sick in such a situation is, of course, nothing short of a miracle.

This tiny fighter battled all these diseases while being weak and premature that it got him the name of the Miracle Child. It is hoped that he will return home by March and will live a healthy life. Stay safe and Stay tuned to Saudi expat news for more.

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