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Missiles fired towards Saudi Arabia shot down by the coalition

It was a Sunday evening when the Arab alliance took 6 missiles down, which was shot by Iran led group Houthi. These missiles and a drone were coming from Yemen and were programmed to attack Jazan, the southwest city of Saudi Arabia.

Statement by Col Turki Al-Maliki, who is also a spokesperson of Arab coalition said that these terrorist activities are carried out by Houthi as they have lost a major battle in the field of Yemen’s province Saada. Houthis consider Saada as their throttle hold and it borders with the Saudi Arabia of the northern mountainous region.

Al- Maliki further added that all the drones hurled by this Iranian led fighter group called Houthi were destroyed by performing the best immediate attack operations. The alliance of the army is vigilant to take care of the civilians and can handle any such mishap by the terrorist groups. He also told that proxies set by Iran are committing all such criminal events in the region about which they spread false news confirms that they are facing some real damage in real.

The Colonel emphasized on the necessity of bringing down this militia group and its abilities so that they could not break the human rights laws and regulations.

Apart from the militia group was also involved in firing up to ten drones in Saudi Arabia near the UAE where the Shaybah gas liquefaction factory is located. Although no unfortunate event took place and no injuries were caused.

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Source: Arab NewsGulf Business

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