Missing Saudi Man Found Dead While in Sujood Position

It’s the faith of every Muslim that one day we have to die. So, Muslims do pray to die as the best and peaceful death. And what can be less peaceful then dying while praying to your Lord? In the position that is loved by Allah Himself the most. It is stated in the Quran (Muslim Holy Book) that Allah loves the person who bows in front of Him and the position is named Sujood.

A Lucky man’s soul departed while Sujood

According to the source,

A 40-year-old Saudi man, who went missing from his home in Wadi Al-Dawasir in the Riyadh province, has been found dead while he was in sujood (prostration) prayer position.

The Person was Missing for Three Days

The body of 40-year-old found in sujood position in desert area 3 days after he went missing. The body of Dhuwaihi Hamoud Al Ajaleen, who went missing on Thursday, was found in the middle of dunes in a desert on Sunday morning after three days of intensive search. The truck was loaded with sticks, in a sign that the deceased was gathering wood for his family when he went missing.

A Wide-Scale Search Team was Finding Hamoud

The man’s family filed a missing person report with the Wadi Al Dawasir police after losing contact with him. The rescue teams launched a wide-scale search to find Al Ajaleen, who was driving a pickup truck. The Ghawth search teams then intensified the search for Al Ajaleen using four-wheel-drive vehicles and gliders to expand the scope in the rough areas and dunes. Then, his body was found a few meters away from his vehicle.

Prayers poured into social media platforms after the video of Al Ajaleen who died in Sujud went viral. He was a very lucky man to die while offering a prayer to Allah. For more astonishing news pay regular visit to our website.

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