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Now you can enjoy one of our new Daily Unlimited Internet and Calling Add-ons. You can choose either Unlimited Internet add-on or both Unlimited Internet and Local calling add-on


Terms & Conditions

  • Activation Code AUL and send to 959.
  • De-Activation Code CAUL and send to 959.
  • This offer is available for all Data and Voice Prepaid & Post-paid customers including Noor and Visitor customers.
  • Subscription is automatically renewed, and can be cancelled at any time by sending the auto renewal cancellation code.
  • To check your add-on validity, send BC to 959.
  • Prices do not include VAT. For voice Prepaid 5% VAT calculated on the total value upon successful credit re-recharge.
  • All 800 & 9200 numbers and other such services numbers are not included in the local calls.
  • Fair Usage Policy does not applied.