Free Local Minutes


Free SMS to All Networks

100 GB

Free Internet


Free Social Media

SAR. 200


Introducing our postpaid packages that meet all your needs.

With new Mobily Postpaid packages 

  • Unlimited calls to all local networks
  • Unlimited Internet without fair usage policy (FUP)
  • Unlimited Social media
  • Carry over Data
  • Free Roaming data and minutes for more than 50 countries
  • Multi SIM cards
  • Unique Number: Bronze


Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • The Setup Fees for new postpaid packages is SAR 50 onetime payment!
  • Onetime setup fee is 10 SAR for each Multi SIM
  • Carry over feature for postpaid 300 works as carrying over the unused data to one month only with maximum 150 GB
  • Postpaid 400 package has unlimited data and FUP will apply only on the Multi SIMs (6GB/Day) After consuming the data the internet speed will be reduced to 512 KB/Second
  • The roaming minutes and data in postpaid 400 are available in over than 50 selected countries with specific operators
  • The free roaming minutes in postpaid 400 can be used to call within roaming country and to Saudi Arabia only
  • Unlimited Social Media is limited to Apps and main SIM only.
  • The included social media apps: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
  • Upon Consuming full local SMS and Minutes included in the package, the rate will be 0.35 SAR per SMS, Minute.
  • The free minutes included in the packages does not include the services numbers that start with 9200 etc.. , the rate of these calls are 0.30 SAR/Mins.

Source: Mobily