Free Local Minutes

4 GB

Free Internet

5 GB

Free Social Media

SAR. 65


STC has introduced a feature for postpaid clients that will enable them to subscribe to new SAWA Packages for SAWA clients. The price of the package will be charged on the postpaid client’s next bill.
Subscription is renewed every 4 weeks and postpaid clients can cancel automatic renewal at any time.
This easy-to-use service provides SAWA clients with a convenient solution, eliminating the hassle of purchasing SAWA recharge cards to subscribe to packages.


  • To subscribe, send from your postpaid number: 7065 to 900.
  • To subscribe, send from your postpaid number: 77065 (space) <SAWA Number) to 900.
  • To cancel automatic renewal of the package: 77009 (space) <SAWA number> to 900.

Terms & Conditions

5% VAT will be added to the postpaid total bill amount.

  • Calls within STC Network: 500 mins.
  • Social Media: 5 GB
  • Internet: * 2 GB
  • WIFI Internet to STC wifi: *2 GB

Package validity period is 4 weeks with automatic renewal.

For more information, text 80000 to 900. For details about the packages you subscribed to for SAWA numbers, text 88888 to 900.