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MOL Announces to Stop Transferring Sponsorship of Saudi Expat Domestic Workers

Saudi Arabia has been launching new services every passing day for the benefit of the country. However, recently Saudi Arabia launched a service regarding the transfer of sponsorship of Saudi expat domestic workers to firms. But the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has once again stopped the service just after four months after its launch. To know more about this read the article below.

Why is this Decision taken?

The Ministry took this decision to exempt establishments, which were set up before 25/8/1440 H and were eligible for exemption from the workers’ fees for four workers for a period of five years from the date they were established provided their owners work in their establishments and have more than nine employees.

What Other Decision was taken?

According to the Ministry, the decision of granting exemption benefits for four (4) workers for the remaining years has been canceled. However, it will be included in the new decision to exempt the establishments from only two (2) workers for a period of three (3) years, or 4 workers if the owner of the facility works full-time in his establishment along with another Saudi employee.

What Requirements are Announced for the Domestic Workers?

During the past period, the Ministry of Human Resources had stipulated that the residence permits (Saudi Iqama) of domestic workers wishing to benefit from the service will not be renewed for “more than a year”.

What would Happen if their Saudi Iqama has been Renewed more than a year ago?

If the domestic worker’s residence permit (Saudi Iqama) has been renewed more than a year ago, the ministry will not provide the service for transferring the worker from a firm to an individual. And his request for transferring his services to a facility will not be accepted (because domestic workers are exempt from workers’ fees). Read more: Saudi expats can Change their Sponsorship without any Condition After Coronavirus

Consent Form for the Domestic Workers 

The Ministry has also allotted a consent form for the domestic worker for transferring his services to the facility while changing his profession at the Ministry of Labor.

What does the Consent form Include?

The consent form has spaces for filling the name of the worker and his Saudi Iqama number, his approval for transfer and that he will not start working for his new employer until the transfer process is completed, and only after amending his profession to the one required.

The worker will then sign the form and put his thumbprint. In addition, the undertaking or declaration will be translated for non-Arabic speakers, along with the name of the facility, the file number, the name and signature of the official, and the establishment’s seal.

Such great steps are taken by the Saudi Government for the domestic workers. Hopefully, they would benefit from them in the best ways possible. For more information regarding different news circulating around the world, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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