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Mother saved a falling child from the building

A mother’s quick reflexes grabbed the leg of her one-year-old son just when he was about to fall off a fourth floor balcony ledge in Colombia.

The heroic act of the mother was caught on CCTV and shows her diving to grab her son as he falls through the guard railings of the building. The footage shows the mother and her son stepping out of the elevator while she talks on her mobile phone.

Just as they waited at the entrance doors to the floor, the child walks towards the ledge beside the elevator and bends over. Read more: Saudi Man Hires the Entire Shopping Mall and Takes His Car Inside for Shopping


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. بالفيديو.. لحظة مهولة تظهر كيفية انقاذ ام لطفلها من موت محقق نجحت أم في إنقاذ طفلها من الموت المحقق بسبب سرعة بديهتها، بعد سقوطه من أعلى السلم. أظهر مقطع فيديو نشره موقع "لايف ليك"، الذي رصدته كاميرا مراقبة، خروج الأم وطفلها من المصعد، وفي الوقت الذي كانت تتفحص فيه هاتفها توجه طفلها إلى السلم. وتدلى الطفل من أعلى السلم واختل توازنه فسقط، إلا أن سرعة بديهة الأم ساعدتها في الإمساك به بعد سقوطه في اللحظات الأخيرة، وتمكنت من إنقاذه.الانباء الكويتية

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A man who followed the pair out of the elevator, is seen racing down the stairs to catch the boy if the mother fails to hold on to him. Fortunately, she is able to pull her son to safety as people rush to her aid. Read more: A 30 year old Saudi man was arrested for stealing a car parking in front of a shop

According to Colombian news outlet Noticias Caracol reports quoted in Daily Mail, the building management later placed a cardboard box in front of the guardrail hole and surrounded the metal bars with tape.

Daily Mail

“Nothing happened to the child, he did not have any type of injury, fortunately. You have to credit the instinct of this mother, how she manages to protect her son,” said building manager Juan Franco.

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Source: Khaleej Times / Daily Mail

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