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Muslim artist spends 3 years painting Holy Quran with gold on silk pages

Holy Quran has great significance in the life of Muslims. It is the mentor, guide, and instructor after the Noble Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). Muslims recite, practice, and abide by the laws mentioned in Holy Quran. They keep it close to their hearts and minds. It is an example of perfection and ever-lasting. It is for the people at this time and for the people to come.

It caters to the problems of those which occur now and for those which will happen. It has all the knowledge that the science is yet denying or which was previously rejected but later accepted. We have the most exceptional example of the Ajwa date that prevents cancer. We have talked about how science took the fact in our previous article.

Holy Quran has particular importance in the lives of the Muslims. It is the source of connection for the Muslim with Allah Almighty. Out of respect and love, people use to re-write the Quran in the majestic forms that are at par with the majesty of the divine book.We cover different stories regarding the world’s largest wooden Quran to the world’s smallest Quran.

Similar is the story of Tunzale, who researched about these beautiful creations and thought to create something different and unique. In this journey of search, she made that has astonished everyone. What is it? To know about the story of Tunzale, read the article below.

The Re-writing of the Holy Quran on silk pages by Tunzale

Tunzale Memmedzade is a painter by profession living in Azerbaijan. After a whole tenure of research in re-writing the Holy Quran, Tunzale found that the Quran was written in many forms on many materials, but nobody ever painted it on silk. This finding sparked Tunzale’s interest, and she started working on this project. Read more:The World’s largest wooden Quran is attracting visitors

How did Tunzale complete his work of re-writing the Quran?

Tunzale took the official version of the Holy Quran released from the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, Diyanet, as the primary source. Mixing more than 3 pints of liquid gold with silver, Tunzale painted the silk pages which were roughly 164 feet of 11.4″ x 13″. She used the most exquisite silk available in blue color. Read more: American Singer Amazed everyone by reciting the Holy Quran with proper Tajweed

How long did it take to complete the work?

It took 3-years of Tunzale in this dedicated task of re-writing the Quran with gold on silk pages. The results are so captivating that it melts everyone hearts. According to Tunzale, during the process of re-writing, no laws of the Quran were violated, as the Quran provides a lot of references of silk itself. Read more: Pakistani women stitch complete Holy Quran in 32 years

Indeed this is a masterpiece creation in itself. Allah chooses his special people to create such majestic creations. Not any ordinary man can even think of it. Therefore, we must appreciate these beautiful creations and must indulge our due time in reading this masterpiece created by Allah himself to understand Him and his majesty. Share the fascinating story of Tunzale in your social circle and comment below what are your feelings on seeing this noble art?

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