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Nationals other than from 49 Countries can Apply Saudi Tourist Visa Online

Earlier Announcement of Issuance of Saudi Tourist Visa to 49 Countries

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) had announced earlier that Saudi Arabia is allowing the foreign tourists from 49 countries around the world to visit Saudi Arabia to witness its different tourist places and cultural heritage.

The SCTH stated that launching the Saudi tourist visa was one of the targets to prepare the biggest Arab Economy for a Post Oil era and also for achieving objectives set by the Saudi Vision 2030.

Another Big Announcement by Saudi Authorities for the Tourists around the world

The Saudi Authorities have actually relaxed the Saudi tourist visa rules and regulations and further, they have decided to allow the tourists from other than 49 countries to use the online facility (e.g. This includes also the tourists from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philipines, SriLanka etc. and all other nationalities from the rest of the world) and get a visa on arrival based on a condition set by the Saudi Authorities. Read more: SCTH Announces Saudi Tourist Guides to Speak 11 Languages

What is the condition based on which the online Saudi Tourist visa can be obtained to the Tourists visit KSA from other than 49 Countries?

The Nationals other than the 49 countries can also apply for the online visa and can obtain the on-arrival visa if these nationals hold a commercial or a tourist visa issued by the USA or the UK or countries granting Schengen visas. Read more: Saudi Arabia to issue Tourist Visa within 7 minutes for 49 countries from 28th September 2019

This seems that the Saudi authorities are increasing the relaxation and providing further opportunities to tourists around the world and they wish to accommodate as much as they can. If you are from the country other than the 49 countries as earlier allowed for applying for an online Saudi tourist visa then if you satisfy this condition, you can get the on-arrival Saudi tourist visa. Read more: Top 8 Coldest Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia During Winter Season

No Abaya OR Covering up Required the Foreign women visiting on Saudi Tourist Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will also relax the rules of its strict dress code for foreign women visiting Saudi Arabia on the tourist visa, allowing them to go without the ABAYA or Cover-up fully that is still mandatory public wear for Saudi women. Read more: Female Tourist Above 25 Yrs of Age Can Now Travel to Saudi Arabia Alone

The Saudi Tourist Visa allows women to perform Umrah without a male relative

One of the best features of the Saudi tourist visa is that a tourist can perform Umrah by visiting Makkah and pray at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. The other important feature is Women need not be accompanied by a male relative, other than in the Hajj season, and there is NO need for a sponsor (Kafeel) the way it is required for work visas.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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