New Feature: Now Nobody Can Add You on Any Whatsapp Group Without Your Permission

Whatsapp New Feature

Brief Background of Previous Feature of WhatsApp

In the current era, Whatsapp application has actually become a significant part of our lives, it is connected to us personally, professionally and publicly as well.

Now a days we don’t call more each other, instead send written msgs through Whatsapp, in case of clarifying our message and to ensure it’s accuracy sometimes we send the voice msgs as well allowed through Whatsapp feature as well.

Whatsapp calling feature is also very famous across the world and most of us now a days get numerous benefits and save money by using whatsapp calling feature.

Based on the aforementioned features, we can say there are various advantages and as well as some times we feel they are some demerits and disadvantages also using certain Whatsapp features.

How to Avoid Being Added by Someone?

Today is the era where people have created various Whatsapp groups and sometimes you don’t know them well or you have a very insignificant intimacy with them but even then you become the part of that group.

Since you become the participant of the group, therefore, you have to respond sometimes unwillingly and due to so many forward msgs the cell phones runs out of the battery. Sometimes you don’t want to be added at all in any  group created by any anonymous people.

Based on this, it was long awaited feelings by everyone that Whatsapp provides the users a feature where they can prevent themselves by not allowing any one to add them in any Whatsapp group unless they wish to be a part of that.

Good News for the Whatsapp Users

Facebook Inc. on Wednesday (April 17, 2019) changed the privacy settings on its WhatsApp messaging platform, allowing users to decide who can add them to chat groups, as it tries to revamp its image after growing privacy concerns among users.

New Feature Available for Whatsapp User 

The Facebook-owned service said users will now have an option to control who can add them to groups.

Users can choose between Nobody, My Contacts (people whose phone numbers they have saved in their phone), and Everyone — assuming they don’t have any reservations about random people adding them to different groups.

Users Will Now be Required to Send a Invite Link

To add someone who has restricted access, users will be required to send a private message to the person with an invite link. That individual can then decide whether they wish to join the group through the invite link, which will be active for 72 hours.

Where Exactly I Need to Access in Whatsapp to Enable This Feature?

The new feature is available in Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups, WhatsApp said, adding that it is beginning to roll the option out to some users starting today.

The feature will roll out to users around the world in the coming weeks, the company added, but they will need the most updated version of WhatsApp to access it.

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Source: Whatsapp / Reuters

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