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New fines for the violation of Final Exit Visa for Saudi expats

With an enormous bulk of Saudi expats working in the fields of Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to hold control over them to have the maintenance of records and implementation of laws. Alongside new visa opportunities are being opened under the Saudi Vision 2030, the laws are to get stringent to avoid any case of breaching of the kingdom’s regulations.

The Directorate of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) has thus issued a complete prospectus of the conditions and penalties on the regulation of visa purposes. Read below some of the major statements made by Jawazat as per Saudi Gazette reports.

You have to leave the kingdom after final exit visa

Once a resident has been issued a final exit visa or exit the only visa, he or she has to leave the kingdom within 60 days of the validity of the visa before the penalty. After 60 days, your visa will be nullified, and you have to pay SR 1,000/- as per Saudi Jawazat rules.

This is to nullify the visa and get a new one issued, on condition that the “Muqeem ID” is valid so that he can complete his exit procedures. The Directorate General of Passports or Jawazat has clearly stated that the Conversion of a visit visa to a ‘Resident (Muqeem) ID’ is forbidden now. Read more: Procedure for the Cancellation of Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

What will happen if you don’t return to the kingdom within 60 days?

According to Saudi Jawazat, if the Saudi expat does not return to the Kingdom during the validity period of the Exit/Re-entry Visa, he or she will be banned from returning to the Kingdom for 3 years after which he can return to his same sponsor or kafeel. Read more: Grace Period For Final Exit Visas After Saudi Iqama Expires

Absher taking hold to handle un-returned Saudi expats

If a Saudi expat has not returned after 60-days of the validity of his visa, the sponsor can register electronically on Absher without the need to visit the Saudi Jawazat office that. Read more: Procedure to check online status of Huroob on Saudi Iqama

The Saudi expat has left the Kingdom and has not returned back

Can you change your exit/re-entry visa?

If the Exit/Reentry Visa has been issued, it cannot be changed. It can only be canceled and a new visa can be issued after paying the required fee again. Read more: How to Cancel Exit Re-entry Visa Online

Fines concerning the renewal of Muqeem ID

According to the Saudi Jawazat, if a Saudi expat has not renewed his Muqeem ID, he will be fined after a 3-day grace period.

  • For the first time, he will be punished with a fine of SR 500/-.
  • For the second time, he will be fined SR 1,000/-.
  • In the third time, he will be deported from the kingdom.

Is there a fixed fee on the transfer of the sponsor or kafeel?

As per the rules and regulations of the Saudi Jawazat, the fees for transferring a housemaid from one sponsor to another differs with the number of times of transfer. Read more: Saudi Expat after final exit can return back to Saudi Arabia any time on another visa

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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