New Jail Style Restaurant is the New Attraction for People in Jeddah

Business is all about attracting people towards you. Whether it is clothing, eating, or transportation business, we have seen how the businessmen have taken incentives to attract people. Giving free rides to promo codes in the transportation business to buy one get one offer, and discount deals on clothes and foods tend people to visit these places for sure. Similarly, the restaurants are on the list of these tactics.

However, with the advance in technology and more innovative minds into the business hubs, we have seen new outcomes that have surpassed everyone. From using catchy phrases to dynamic centers on roads, we have seen many incredible styles. Similarly, having the famous harry potter style restaurant to howdy look, people have been long visiting these places for the perfect ambiance.

But the internet has gone crazy with the new style restaurant nobody has thought of, a jail-style restaurant. Yes, you read it right; Jeddah’s new restaurant is making it to headlines with its fantastic ambiance. Read more about the restaurant in the article below.

The Jail-Style New Restaurant Opens up in Jeddah

A new restaurant opened up in Jeddah got viral on the internet due to its ambiance. It was not any classy, traditional, or romantic ambiance, but the restaurant was based on a jail-style interior. A video clip of a few Saudi local citizens visiting this restaurant got viral on social media.

How is the Interior Decorated to Match the Jail Style Look?

According to the sources, the waiters are wearing prisoner’s clothing and serving food to the customers. Regular lock-ups have been set up inside the restaurant to look like a prison.

Did the Food Resemble Jail-Style Cuisine?

The restaurant set up by Saudi youth in the style of jail didn’t resemble food with the prisoner’s food. According to a Saudi visitor,

When I went to this unique restaurant, I thought maybe the food here would be served in a prison-style with regular thin pulse and rice, but I was surprised when I saw the different types of food on my table.

How are Drinks Served in a Unique Restaurant?

To the surprise, the beverages are served uniquely in this restaurant. According to our reporter who visited this place told us,

When I ordered a drink, it was brought to me in a lock-up. The waiter opened the jail door, and so I could grab my drink.

It is interesting to see such attractive places with innovative ideas being implemented in the country. Indeed it is the right call in times when the country is focused on attracting tourists and shifting the economy to tourism under the Saudi Vision 2030 plan. If you are living in Jeddah, do visit this place and let us know in the comment section how you feel about it. Till then, please share the article.

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