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New Rule Issues for Transfer of Vehicle by Saudi Traffic Department (Muroor)

In order to bring discipline strict rules have to be made and implemented. The vehicle transfer rules are the most strict because if the transferred vehicle gets in the hands of criminals and the violate any rule the nominee will be caught and if the nominee is not checked before hand then this can cause issues later on. The Saudi Traffic Department (Muroor) has issued vehicle transfer regulations. It clarifies what action will be required to complete the sale of the vehicle.

According to the Statement on Twitter

The Traffic department (Muroor) said in a statement on Twitter that,

The vehicle buyer is responsible for traffic violations, the vehicle will not be transferred until he pays the fines for the violations. The violated vehicle must be kept by the police if the fees are overdue. So, if the person transfers the vehicle the new owner will be imprisoned and that isn’t justice.

Question Raised by Citizens

A local citizen asked the traffic department (Muroor) on Twitter that he wanted to buy a car. I have also made a deal, but I am responsible for the fines for traffic violations. Will these fines hinder the transfer of the vehicle or will the vehicle be able to get its name despite the fines?

All Fines must be Paid for Transfer

The traffic department (Muroor) has clarified that the vehicle will not be transferred until the fines are paid.

So, to own a car in Saudi Arabia can only be done when all the fines are paid. For more information on the topic keep visiting our website.

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