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New services launched in Absher to facilitate citizens & Saudi expats

With the rapid globalization, the use of internet has become very common. Traditional markets have shifted their domains on the virtual net-based system to flourish their business around the globe. Keeping in view the need of the internet as well as the importance of the internet in everyday life, Saudi Arabia has previously launched an Absher portal for its citizens & Saudi expats.

However, it has limited services at its initial portal. With the viewpoint of Saudi Vision 2030 and the increasing demand for the new services on the portal, Saudi authorities have recently launched 13 new services on the portal. These services aim to further facilitate citizens as well as Saudi expats. What are those services? To know about them read the article below.

The launch ceremony of the new services on Absher

According to Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reports, a high-level ceremony was held on Tuesday, where he launched 13 new electronic services for different sectors to facilitate the citizens & Saudi expats.

Who attended the launch ceremony of Asbher services?

The launch ceremony was attended by,

  • Assistant Minister of Interior for Technical Affairs Prince Bandar Bin Abdullah Bin Mashari
  • Deputy Minister of Interior Dr Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Dawood
  • Chairman of the Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence Dr Abdullah Al-Ghamdi
  • Director of Public Security Lt. Gen. Khaled Al-Harbi
  • Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Affairs Muhammad Al-Muhanna
  • Director-General of the National Information Center Dr Issam Al-Waqeit
  • Director General of Civil Defense Lt. Gen. Suleiman Al-Amru
  • Other senior officials.

What are the different services launched in Absher?

Absher portal has now officially 13 new services in it to assist people in various sectors such as

  • Public Security.
  • General Department of Traffic.
  • General Directorate of Passports.
  • Services for Agency of civil services.

What different services will be provided to citizens in Public security?

In the public security service of Absher portal launched the first edition of Absher Business under which violation of public conduct can be registered electronically through the Public Security service.

What 4 services will be given for the citizens & Saudi expats by the Traffic department?

Prince Abdul Aziz has launched the following 4 services under the General Department of Traffic

  • Covering vehicle sales service.
  • The seized vehicles service.
  • Service for enquiring about foreign vehicle violations.
  • Service to object to various violations.

The services to be provided through the Department of Saudi Jawazat

4 services are introduced in the directorate of Passports or Saudi Jawazat section that includes,

  • Services for the foreign investor.
  • Visa services for holders of Premium Residency.
  • Service of inquiring about the border number.
  • Service of extending the period of exit and re-entry visa for those who are abroad.

Absher portal diversify its services in the Agency of Civil Status section

The Interior minister launched the following services in the Agency of Civil Status,

  • Registration of birth service.
  • Updated Taqdeer service.
  • Service to change professions of civilians.
  • Service for issuing new family registry for mothers.
  • Service of issuing family registry in the case of marriage.

The 14 million IDs distributed among the citizens of the kingdom

Roughly, 14 million Absher digital IDs have been received by Saudi citizens which allow them to access Absher portal as well as the rest of the government platforms associated with the National Information Center.

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