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New smart toilets installed at Jeddah Corniche – SR.7 per person

Under the Saudi Vision 2030, the kingdom is focused on shifting its economy from oil to diversify it through tourism and development. It has started various projects to attract people from all over the world. From initially starting tourism visas to creating recreational hubs, the country has outdone itself.

In a short period, the kingdom has organized international events such as concerts, boxing competitions, football matches, snooker world championship, and many more. Not only was this, to bring in tourism, various festivals organized among which the autumn festival in October was the highlight where different art and music got a subtle interplay.

Among the diverse tourism, spots are the Jeddah Corniche that remains the favorite place not only for locals but also the expatriates and foreigners coming in the kingdom as tourists. The blue sea gigantic sea, with beautiful buildings, attracts everyone towards it. However, the government has decided to earn money through this public place. How? Read about it in the article below.

The fee for using the toilet has been fixed

According to the local daily newspaper, Al-Madinah, the fee for using the toilet on Jeddah Cornish has been set. According to a Municipality spokesperson,7 riyals had been set for using a Smart toilet and 3 riyals for the traditional toilet.

What are the comments of Municipality on this action?

According to Municipality spokesperson, the Municipality has announced the call for tender contracts to build and run bathrooms on the coast of Jeddah. He further added,

The Corniche is Jeddah’s best recreation center. Thousands of people come here daily to cater to their needs. There are ten (10) traditional toilets and eight (8) smart toilets at various beaches.

How is a smart toilet different from the traditional one?

Smart toilets utilize the facility of the prepaid card. You can get a prepaid card to enter the Smart toilet. Though the prepaid card has different prices, the credit can be increased. Specific toilet doors can be opened using a smart card. Toilet entry and exit doors are also separated. In addition to the hot and cold water in the Smart Toilet, there is also a particular arrangement of ‘air blowers’ for hand drying.

Remarks of citizens & Saudi expats on this new rule

At one end, people advocate this new step of Municipality saying,

It is a good move to have at least clean bathrooms that will provide ample convenience.

While others show concern over the traditional bathrooms that are given under the private municipalities, which is causing difficulties for the people. In this regard, a municipality official said that,

Because full-time workers are needed to keep bathrooms clean regularly, giving them to a private company is a better solution to the issue.

Why is Mohammad Aslam worried about this new step?

Mohammad Aslam who came to Cornish with his family remarked on this new step by Municipality out of worry saying,

It is easier for locals to pay 7 riyals, but for any Saudi expat like me who have less income will have to give huge money on the name of toilet fee. Thus, the government should consider the fee and don’t make outing costly for us.

Although the new step will benefit the government with vast amounts of profit but keeping in the taxes and other payment dues, it is tough for expatriates to enjoy. Let’s see how the government will facilitate the expatriates, or the expatriates learn to budget themselves with their outings. Stay tuned and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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