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New updates on Whatsapp to ease Saudi callers

Whatsapp New Feature

Saudi Arabia doesn’t have strict laws and restrictions in its living and other facilities, but it also imposes on different facilities as well, especially the calling system which utilizes various Applications. These restrictions make the life of Saudi Expat quite tough. They have to search for ways to call their loved ones back home and find peace.

The simplest application called WhatsApp when introduced its calling feature, the Saudi Expats felt happy to enjoy texting and calling all through the same app. But unfortunately, it wasn’t possible through the restrictions imposed on it. However, new news has made everyone happier. What is the new news? Read all about it in the article below.

The new feature on Whatsapp allows easy calling

The company has added a new feature in Whatsapp to give access to expatriates to respond to incoming calls through UltraSalver Fury, which is also known as Call2 application. According to the leading newspaper, the user can directly reject the incoming call, but in the event of a call rescue, he must first stop the incoming call. This means that the user must engage himself in the new call. 

The limitation of the new feature on Whatsapp

However, this new feature is quite facilitating for the users but it has several limitations that include,

  • It does not facilitate the transition from one call to another.
  • It only works on iOS devices.
  • Mobile users with Android Google systems will need some time for this feature.

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