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Newborn Baby Who Becomes World’s Youngest Coronavirus Victim

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been infecting a large number of people worldwide. With more 1.4 million people affected by the deadly disease, thousands of people alone have died in the process. Even though China has been prosperous in controlling the disease, the world has already been infected, and the virus has become pandemic as per the announcement of the World Health Organization (WHO). The countries have started shutting down their communication with the world to restrict the Coronavirus infection.

We have seen how Saudi Arabia has suspended pilgrimage, banned travel for 50 countries, Thailand canceling flights between 18 countries, Pakistan reducing their flight operation all in the effort to minimize the chance of the lethal disease. However, still, the numbers are rising across the world, with many elderly and young people affected. However, recently the youngest case of Coronavirus has been suspected that is a shock for the world. Why is the fact a shock? Who is the youngest Coronavirus infected patient? Read all about it in the article below.

The Youngest Victim of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom

According to the official news,

A newborn baby in England has become the world’s youngest victim to test positive for Coronavirus.  The young child born in North Middlesex Hospital is being under treatment after he was confirmed for Coronavirus. 

Was the Mother Already a Coronavirus Affected Person?

No, the mother wasn’t positive for Coronavirus earlier. However, the child’s mother rushed to the hospital days ago when she suspected pneumonia. But after she delivered her child, she got a positive result for Coronavirus. Read more: Thailand Cancels Visa on Arrival for 18 Countries Including Saudi Arabia Due to Coronavirus

How did the Young Child Infect with Coronavirus?

According to the sources, the doctors are trying to understand how the virus infected the young child. Possible explanations might be that the mother was infected, and it contracted the child either through the mother’s womb or during birth. They further said,

Health officials are urgently trying to find out the circumstances behind their infections.

Where is the Infected Mother-child Getting their Treatment?

The mother-child duo is getting treatment separately in separate hospitals as the mother’s condition is worse than the baby’s. The baby is being treated at North Middlesex Hospital, whereas; the mother went to a specialist infections hospital.

What is the Probability Ratio for Pregnant Women and Young Children?

According to the health officials, the pregnant women and babies are at low risk from Coronavirus and are likely only to get mild symptoms. Unlike other infections, the mortality rate of Coronavirus is very rare in both these age groups, however, a sharp curve is found in the elderly.

The United Kingdom Becomes Another State Infected with Coronavirus

The UK’s infection toll reaches more than 200 in one day to around 800 with 11 fatalities in total. The Welsh health Minister revealed that as many as 20,000 people could die in Wales as he suspended all non-urgent surgical procedures and outpatient appointments. 

Indeed it is a moment of greatest distress for the world. The countries are working at their higher state-level, whereas the citizens should work at their level to prevent the spread of such lethal disease by mandatory precautions. May we all be protected. Till then, share the article and subscribe to us for the breaking updates on Coronavirus. 

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