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News Circulating on Social Media for Arresting of Pakistani Saudi Expats

The Saudi authorities are quite active for the clean up of illegal Saudi expats since last few years. The authorities have been successful in raiding the different cities of Saudi Arabia where such illegal Saudi expats are living and working. Such campaign has been undertaken to enhance the security of Saudi Arabia and also is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

The Saudi authorities did a wonderful job in the successful clean up and they provided reasonable opportunity and time period to the illegal Saudi expats to become legal and in case if such cannot happen to go back to their home country. However, despite after several reminders and issue of warnings, many illegal Saudi expats took this announcement very lightly and didn’t do anything to make their identity legal.

News of Deporting Pakistani Saudi Expats

Since last few days, a news of arresting Pakistani Saudi expats and sending them to jail is quite viral on social media. Many are claiming that even legal Pakistani Saudi expats have been arrested for no reason by the Saudi authorities and had been sent to the jail. The news became quite viral and created a sense of panic among Pakistani community. Such incidents were mainly reported in the city of Makkah and Jeddah where Pakistani Saudi expats are work and live in great numbers.

Clarification Issued by Pakistani Embassy about this Social Media News

Recently, the Pakistani embassy of Jeddah has clarified that arrest of Pakistani Saudi expats in Makkah region and sending them to Al-Shumaisi jail is all baseless and fake. The further stated that, Such news circulating on social media will disturb the relationship of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. 

The Pakistani consulate has actually contacted the Saudi authorities for the clarification of above mentioned news based on this they were briefed by Saudi authorities that such campaign of arresting illegal Saudi expats is being performed for at least once in a year but actually against all the Saudi expats living and working in Saudi Arabia irrespective of their nationalities.

Who are Actually being Arrested and why by the Saudi Authorities?

The Pakistani consulate has actually clarified that beginning of such campaign this year against illegal expats has actually been initiated against those illegal residents who are working in a profession not matching with the profession of their Saudi Iqama. They also clarified that at least 400 Pakistani Saudi expats have been arrested and brought to Al-Shumaisi jail center in Makkah.

It was also clarified that arresting such kind of Saudi expats is a normal routine activity and sometime it it lenient and sometimes Such activity becomes touch against illegal expatriates.

This was a clarification of those Saudi expats who are living and working in Saudi Arabia and we request you to avoid such kind of news spreading on social media that Saudi authorities arresting only Pakistani Saudi expats.

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