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No divorce in the absence of wife in Saudi Arabia

Divorces in Saudi Arabia

Sometimes, marriages don’t work. It is necessary to take breaks from these toxic relationships and find yourself. The divorce rate in Saudi Arab is 50%. 10,000 marriages and 5,000 divorces occur in a month. It is important to understand that when marriages don’t work, don’t push yourself to fake your happiness. The right of a woman in demanding a divorce is called a Khula.

In the old times in Saudi Arabia, it was okay to close the case without hearing from both sides. Doing this kind of practice, it resulted in very much messed up situation. It resulted in a kind of injustice with the woman. In Islam, justice is far more important than equality. It was not okay to neglect this fact. The government worked on it and finally allowed the presence of a woman when her case is presented.

She was then allowed to share her perspective as well. She could now share her views and opinion on this too. Thus, a great step was taken by the Saudi government and the citizens of Saudi Arab were quite satisfied with this statement.

Divorce cases did not involve the consent of the women in the past

In the past, the woman was not allowed to share her side of the story in court. The whole case was winded up without the presence of a woman. It was a kind of an injustice to her because justice is referred to analyze both situations and make a decision. Many difficult situations arose due to this fact. Read more: Saudi woman dressed up as a bride to celebrate her divorce

Who had directed for the decision for allowing a woman in the court?

Dr. Waleed Samani, The Minister for Justice had directed the decision to be implemented. He stated,

A wife’s presence in court is necessary for a divorce to occur. Now the husband cannot divorce in the absence of his wife.

What were the problems people had to face before the rule was implemented?

Before the rule was implemented, many problems used to occur. These problems resulted in disturbance and injustice for the woman. The problems included child custody and the story of the woman. It was open to taking any action on this practice, to provide justice to the woman, who gave all her life to create the home. Read more: A Saudi man divorced his wife because she bought Albaik on his Birthday

Why the Minister of Justice  did take the following decision?

The Minister of Justice said that divorce is one of the serious and important issues that needed to be worked on. The reason why the judges were instructed to listen to both sides of the story was to avoid injustice. This decision which was taken had to be a must job and somebody had to do this job. Read more: Ministry of Justice Introduces New System of Divorce Notification Through SMS

What did the Minister of Justice stated related to the law he implemented? 

The Minister of Justice, Dr. Waleed Samani stated,

The new decision also includes that after the divorce, the court will not issue a divorce certificate unless there is a decision on the take care, child custody and other family matters.

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