No entry of Saudi expats and Saudi citizens into Makkah during Hajj season 2019

Ban on the entry in Makkah by Saudi expats except those living in Makkah

The Saudi authorities keeping in view the Hajj season and the increasing number of visitors on Hajj have banned the entry in Makkah by the Saudi expats and citizens living in a city other than Makkah.

Even those visiting Holy city through Haramain train are banned from entering Makkah

The authorities in Makkah have banned the entry of expatriates, including those visiting the holy city via Haramain Train, from Shawwal 25 until Dhul Hijja 10.

The measures conform to the royal order banning expatriates from entering Makkah from Shawwal 25 every year except for those who are living in the holy city or are working there during the Haj season. Read more: No Umrah pilgrims will enter in Saudi Arabia after July 02, 2019

Those exempted from Ban need to obtain travel permits

Those who are exempted from the ban must obtain travel permits from the pertinent authorities.

The ban takes place every year at the gateways to Makkah and it applies to all modes of transport including cars, buses, and trucks and the Haramain Train has been added for the first time this year. Read more: The authorities of Makkah keeping eye on the Haram from sky

Even visit visa holders and Iqama holders are also prohibited to enter Makkah

The above prohibition will apply also on those who are Iqama holders, Visit visa or any other kind of Visa holders.

The Saudi authorities are very much serious like every year to ensure that none of the above mentioned give entry in the premises of Makkah except those who are the residents of Makkah or visiting Makkah based on the travel permits. Read more: Domestic/ local Hajj pilgrims wouldn’t have to worry about their luggage anymore

Punishment for illegal Hajj pilgrims after they caught while entering in Makkah

We have heard about different warnings and post warnings incidents where people who didn’t have Haj Tasreeh and tried to enter Makkah were caught by the relevant authorities.

Like every year, this year also the authorities are disseminating warnings for illegal Haj pilgrims and stated that if such illegals are caught the authorities will take the fingerprints and let them perform the Haj. Read more: Smart bracelets for Umrah pilgrims with GPS technology

However, they will not be allowed to renew their Iqamas and will face deportation. It is also heard that the authorities will impose a ban of 10 years to those Saudi expats who are caught performing Hajj without a permit.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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