No more Major Professions for Saudi Expats in the Hotel Industry

Saudi Arabia was a country known for the host of significant populations around the globe. People from every corner are trying to come to Saudi Arabia for jobs and employment. But lately, with the significant changes in the Saudi laws and regulations to provide maximum employment to its own citizens, the foreigners got affected a lot.

Keeping in view the said changes to bring more Saudization in the country, within the next 2 to 3 years, probably, a considerable number of foreigners will have to go back to their home country. Another severe blow is on its way as another sector excludes foreigners from working. Which is the latest sector? Which posts will only be served with Saudi citizens? Get all the insight in the article below.

The sector of Hostels and apartments bids goodbye to Saudi expats

Due to significant changes in the laws related to Saudi Iqama fees, its transfers, professions, Saudization and other related issues, millions of Saudi expats have paved their way back home. Now with the Ministry of Labor has announced that Saudi expats working in hotels and furnished apartments will have to leave, another handsome number of Pakistanis will have to go back all of a sudden.

Not only the visas for these sectors will be closed from now onwards but also the Saudi expats on this visa cannot migrate their profession but have to go back home.

Which posts can the Saudi expats work?

According to the new policy introduced by the Ministry of Labor related to the Hotel industry which has begun effectively from this month onwards, all the Saudi expatriates are evacuated except the expatriates working on the following positions,

  1. Labor Level.
  2. Hoteliers.
  3. Car Parkingers.
  4. Drivers
  5. Gatekeeper.

Which posts will be reserved for Saudi citizens only?

According to the Ministry of Labor, the following positions in the Hotel Industry will be filled by the Saudi citizens only.

  1. Marketing Employees.
  2. Sales Employees.
  3. Hotel Room Reservation Employees.
  4. Purchasing Employees.
  5. Receptionists in Hotels and Guest Houses.
  6. Warehousing Secretary.
  7. General Secretary.
  8. Executive Secretary.
  9. Assistant Managers.
  10. The office bearers.
  11. Office Assistants.
  12. Office Co-ordinator.

Though Saudi Arabia is keen to offer employment to their citizens and serve the best for them, but it is equally important to care about those who are serving the nation for many years with their blood and sweat. We hereby request the officials and the relevant authorities to please think of an alternative as well to honor the hardworking Saudi Expats as well wherever their skills are required.

Write in the comment section what you think about the new order passed by the Government officials? What alternatives you suggest the Government should take to respect the Saudi expats working in the kingdom?

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