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No Saudi expat to be hired for Tourism & Hospitality sector

Saudi Vision 2030

The Kingdom has also taken other wide measures and effective steps in promoting new initiatives, services, Art and culture throughout the country. The foremost reason for such activities is the pro-active persuasion of Saudi Vision 2030 set by the Kingdom

The basic motive aims in making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a non-oil revenue dependent economic country. Keeping in view the said goal, the Kingdom is investing more in the advancement, tourism and entertainment activities which are helpful in lifting the economy very well.

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Labor and Social development

In line with the measures taken by the kingdom to achieve the set targets of the VISION 2030, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has taken a decision to Saudize the management and leading and specialist professions in the tourism hospitality sector. Read more: 70 Saudization in optical shops from November 09

What kinds of Hotels fall under the above decision taken by the Ministry?

The above-mentioned decision taken by the Ministry include the followings and all of the below-mentioned categories of Hotels and therefore they need to comply with the said change of regulation:

  1. Hotels classified as 3-star and above,
  2. Resorts,
  3. Hotel suites, and
  4. Villas classified as 4-star and above.

100% Saudization of jobs in the tourism hospitality sector will take place in 3 phases

The ministry’s decision clearly states for 100 percent Saudization of jobs in the tourism hospitality sector in three phases. Read more: Saudization in 3 key sectors from November 2018

Which jobs to be nationalized in the 1st phase?

In the first phase, a list of jobs related to the administrations (sections) and their subsidiary units as mentioned below will be restricted to Saudi men and women only. These include as follows:

  1. Reservation,
  2. Purchases,
  3. Marketing and front desks, except the following occupations:
  • Bellboy.
  • Parking valet.
  • Driver and
  • Doorman.

What is the effective date of implementation of the decision?

The decision comes into effect on Jumad Al-Awwal 1, 1441H. The decision also includes 100 percent Saudization of some jobs, as of Dhul Qa’dah 1, 1441H.

Which other occupations are restricted for Saudi men and women only?

The further occupations that are restricted for the Saudi men and Saudi Women are listed down below:

  1. Hotel deputy manager.
  2. Assistant head of IT Administration.
  3. Director and Assistant director of sales administration.
  4. Sales representative and sales manager.
  5. Fitness club supervisor.
  6. Public services supervisor in a hotel.
  7. Goods receiving clerk.
  8. Room service orders clerk.
  9. Restaurant or café waiter.
  10. Tourism inquiry clerk.
  11. Executive secretary.
  12. General administrative clerk.
  13. Administrative employee and
  14. Administrative Coordinator.

What are those professions where Saudi workers should not be less than 1?

The number of Saudis in the following occupations should not be less than one (i.e., at least one), if they are available in the firm:

  • Food and beverages supervisor,
  • Room service supervisor,
  • Events section supervisor, and
  • Laundry supervisor.

What are those professions where at least 70% Saudization must exist?

The decision was taken by the Ministry as discussed above also states clearly that it is compulsory to Saudis at least 70 percent of jobs in the two occupations as mentioned below and the effective date of the decision is as of Jumad Al-Awwal 1442H.

  1. Sales Manager, and
  2. Events and conferences Sales Manager.

The above decision has completed banned on the work of Saudi expat workers

The above-mentioned decision has actually banned all the employers from the following activities:

  1. Recruiting expatriate workers, or
  2. Transferring their services,
  3. Assigning work to them, or
  4. Using them in the jobs mentioned in the decision, whether directly or indirectly.

Penalty for the non-compliance of the decision

The Ministry has stressed that any firm that violates this decision, will be penalized according to the penalties for violating Saudization of occupations restricted to Saudi men and women, mentioned in the list of violations and their respective penalties approved by the ministry.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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