Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

On an Average Every Hour 32 New Covid-19 Patients Record in Riyadh

The Coronavirus situation is getting worse in Saudi Arabia day by day. The hospitals there are full of COVID-19 patients and still more patients are coming. The recovery rates are slow and the new patient rate is high. The government and the paramedical staff are concerned about the growing situation an that’s why they impose lock-down after every week.

The Growing Rate…

In the last 20 days in Riyadh city, 32 people have fallen victim to Coronavirus every hour. This means that the partial lock-down in Riyadh wasn’t enough to control the COVID-19 situation.

The Data Shown by the Ministry of Health

According to the local newspaper, a review of the Ministry of Health’s data shows that 15,700 people have been infected with Coronavirus in the last 20 days till Friday. Dividing this number by 24 hours a day, Every hour, 32 people are exposed to Coronavirus. It should be noted that according to the data released till Friday, about 120,000 people fell victim to Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, more than 81,000 were cured and 893 died.

Riyadh is the Centre of COVID-19

That’s up from the last 20 days, with 31,000 people infected with the virus in Riyadh since March, meaning that 25 percent of the country’s Coronavirus cases are in Riyadh. In Riyadh alone, 1,584 people were confirmed to have Coronavirus on Friday.

There was a Relief in the Start

According to the Ministry the start of the new month was a bit relief as there was a drop in the graph but then as soon the lock-down was released the graph took a 90° turn. The Health Ministry said the number of Coronavirus patients in Riyadh and Jeddah had dropped earlier this month but had risen alarmingly.

Currently no vaccine of the virus has been introduced or is effective. Its better for all of us to remain calmly at our homes. As the virus won’t enter your household until you go out and bring it home through yourself on your own. So, stay safe stay at home and keep reading the good stuff. For more news regarding the COVID-19 visit our website frequently and keep a track of your health.

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