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Pakistani woman arrested in Jeddah for Catcalling Saudi men


Under the Saudi Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has not only opened its gates for tourism but has implemented strict laws and regulations of public code of ethics to retain the essence of their culture and tradition whereas promoting a peaceful environment for foreigners to enjoy on the streets of Saudi Arabia.

However, with changing laws the citizens and Saudi expats of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are enjoying the new freedom in all possible ways without concerning their implications.

Similar happened with the Saudi girl whose video went viral on social media. Who was the girl? What did she do? To answer all such questions read the article below.

The Pakistani girl who went viral

A Saudi girl, who is later reported to be of Pakistani origin, went viral through her Snapchat video on Twitter. According to the video, her name was Manal as per the other girl in the video was calling her. She was a young woman working as a beautician in the Jeddah city f the kingdom. 

What was in the video that caught everyone’s attention?

According to the Saudi Okaz outlet, the Saudi women was seen smoking an electronic cigarette, Vaper in the backside of the car and kept catcalling passersby alongside the corniche of Jeddah. Her friend was constantly talking to her during the video filming but she wasn’t listening to her.
She was heard saying to a woman who passed by,

“If her abaya was pretty, I would’ve flirted with her”.

The reaction of people on verbal harassment

Initially, the video went viral on Snapchat but later it started circulating on Twitter. The activist started a campaign with a hashtag to condemn the act and demand the arrest of the harasser.,

#متحرشة_ياللعار  (Harasser, what a shame)

People took their social accounts to bash the act of this woman. Someone said,

“Men, be careful from these kind of girls, they’re looking to steal your money, not be with you. Unethical gold diggers.”

Other commented,

“We men are too afraid to leave the house nowadays. Women, what if it was your brother who is getting harassed, would you still accept this kind of behavior?”

A girl related the incident to make fun of the rape culture of modesty saying,

If the men dressed properly, instead of dressing up and wearing perfumes, the women wouldn’t have harassed them in the first place, it’s not their fault. I miss the old days when women wouldn’t allow their brothers and husbands to leave the house looking all attractive, especially if they are going out on their own.”

Another social media activist said that everyone should be treated equally and punished on moral grounds.

“There are consequences for harassers, whether they were men or women. We should have equal rights, and equal responsibilities regardless of gender.”

Another video of the culprit asking for an apology

Soon after the video brought an enormous storm of angry bashing, a new video of the woman was uploaded where she was seen crying and apologizing for her behavior. She was found saying,

“she didn’t intend to offend anyone with her actions.”

However, the credibility of the video or the footage being attributed to her remains unconfirmed.

Is the Pakistani woman caught by authorities?

According to Okaz, the Saudi woman ran to Madinah after the incident but she was caught there, detained and referred to the Jeddah legal authorities. However, even after her detainment people are still bashing her and require strict action against her on the grounds of violating kingdom rules and regulations.

The strict rules and regulations of public decency

Under the kingdom’s public decency law implemented last month, the woman will have to face punishment and penalty of worth SR.5,000 or $1,333.  It is according to the law which states that,

“The legislation criminalizes any act deemed distasteful to the public, with fines up to 5,000 Saudi riyals ($1,333) for first-time offenders. Its first article defines public decency as a set of behaviors and morals that reflect the country’s social norms, values and identity.”

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Source: Tribune


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