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Philippine maids can be hired at a 50% reduced rate

Maids and domestic workers are hired by the Saudi citizens and the Saudi expats living in the kingdom to ease their household chores and other tasks. With the new announcement made the Philippine maids are now quite easy to hire and at a reduced rate. What is the new announcement? How it will work at reduced the rate? Read the article to know about the details in depth.

The new announcement made by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development

The new announcement made by the MLSD, the recruitment of domestic workers from the Philippine will be at a reduced rate. According to a report by the Saudi Press Agency, who quoted sources from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, a Filipino domestic worker can be hired by spending SR.8,850 or ($2,360), which is half the existing charge, plus VAT.

Musnad – the new system to be utilized for efficient recruitment

The Ministry spokesman said,

“The new service, Maaroufah which is available on Musanid electronic portal, enables beneficiaries to recruit housemaids from the Philippines in a fixed timeframe of 45 days.”

He explained that the beneficiaries should choose the name of the housemaid and provide the related documents. Once all the information is received about the worker such as the name, passport number and worker’s contact number via the Musaned portal (Click here), the new service, Maaroufah will be linked to the best-licensed recruitment offices to receive and process the recruitment procedures.

The service providers linking to the recruitment offices

Musaned portal allows browsing over 1,000 recruitment companies and offices that offer comparatively reasonable charges for their services as well as to know the performance criteria of the service providers. Once you select your worker, the service provider will automatically be selected by the system following the citizen’s place of residence to the city where the office of the service provider is operating.

The conflict over the new order and the fixed rates of recruitment

Even though the new order implies half the rate of recruitment of workers along with VAT tax, but several citizens showed their concern over the order and asked the ministry not to fix certain charges and leave that to the theory of demand and supply. They further said that the prices should be left to the recruitment companies to decide under the supervision of the ministry.

Thoughts of Ministry on the agreement with Indonesia

The Ministry sources found it a perfect agreement since, under this agreement, Indonesia will send housemaids to the Saudi recruitment companies which will rent to the interested Saudi families at a monthly salary of SR.1,500. Further, this agreement will allow the housemaids to be rented without transferring their iqama on citizens.

When will the new order be implemented?

No due date has been given yet for the implementation of the new order. However, the ministry sources assure that it will be soon effective.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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