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Possibility Of Lock-down in Saudi Arabia due to new corona-virus

Recently, a new strain of corona-virus was discovered in the UK and other European countries. This resulted in the suspension of sea and land borders along with the suspension of all international flights for a week. To address these issues, an important news conference will be held today. Keep reading to know more.

An Important News Conference to be held Today

An important news conference will be held today at the Ministry of Health’s headquarters in Riyadh, which will provide important information on the below mentioned issues:

  1. Closing the borders and suspending the flights,
  2. The possibility of a partial lock-down in the country and
  3. The new corona-virus.

Who will be Answering the Questions at the Conference?

The spoke-person from the Ministry will answer the questions. However, detailed information on the new corona-virus will be provided by the Secretary of the Ministry of Medical Services at the news conference.

How can the Saudi Nationals ask their Questions?

Saudi nationals and resident foreign spokespersons can also ask questions to the Ministry of Health via Twitter.

Statement given by the Secretary of the Ministry of Health for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

 the Secretary of the Ministry of Health said that

There is currently no possibility of a lock-down in Saudi Arabia due to the new corona-virus.

He further added that,

Things are still under control while experts are considering a new virus.

This news conference will clear things out as things are still under control in the Kingdom. So, there’s no news of any lock-down has been provided by the Ministry. Stay safe. For more information and updates Please Stay tuned to Saudi expat news.

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