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Postal Code/Zip Code of Big Cities of Saudi Arabia

What is the Zip Code & Postal Code?

The Zipcode is a postal code and normally it consists of sometimes 5 and sometimes 9 digits. We normally call Zip code as a postal code as well. These codes are very useful in each and every country around the world.

Why Zipcode or Postal code is required?

Normally in big cities of Saudi Arabia, for example like Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh or Al-Khobar and many other big cities inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the zip codes or the postal codes are required to be written on the documents or the goods/luggage, in case if anyone intends to bring them to his/her home or office through courier services or through different transportation services like sea or airway. Read more: List of 24 Prohibited Items to Bring (Import) in Saudi Arabia

Do you know that the Pin code No. and Zipcode are considered the same thing in Saudi Arabia?

Just to add to the knowledge of our readers that the Saudi Arabia Pin Code Number and Zipcode are considered as the same thing and there is a no different number for each one of them. We have enlisted below in a summary table for our readers, the names of the big cities in Saudi Arabia and their respective Postal codesRead more: List of Baggage and Cabin Allowance of 16 Major Airlines from Saudi Arabia

Anyone who reads this table can have access to the various Postal codes of the major cities of Saudi Arabia at one glance instead of doing a google search for different cities.

S.No. City in Saudi Arabia Postal Codes
1 Abha 61321
2 Al-Khobar 31952
3 Buraidah 51431
4 Dammam 31433
5 Dhahran 34464
6 Jeddah 21577
7 Jubail 31961
8 Khamis Mushait 61961
9 Makkah 21514
10 Madinah 20012
11 Najran 61441
12 Riyadh 11564
13 Sakaka 75471
14 Tabuk 50060
15 Taif 21431
16 Yanbu 30799

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