Prayers other than 5 time prayers will not be allowed in the Mataf area during Ramadan 2019

Ramadan is a very busy season and there is a huge number of Umrah visitors from the various parts of the world arriving in Makkah to perform the Umrah. During Ramadan, it becomes quite difficult to perform Umrah easily and especially if someone wants to do perform his/her Umrah on Mataf.

One of the reasons is the high number of Umrah pilgrims and it becomes difficult to accommodate all of them on the limited space of Mataf, the other reason is the space which is normally occupied by the people who pray around the Mataf area. This makes more difficult for the Umrah pilgrims to get a chance easily to perform the Umrah on MatafRelated: Mataf area in haram will accommodate 107000 pilgrims per hour in Ramadan 2019

A recent announcement by Emir of Makkah province

Recently, the Emir of Makkah Province Prince Khaled Al-Faisal has issued instructions to allocate the whole Mataf (circumambulation area) and other areas designed for Tawaf on the ground and first floors, mezzanine and the roof for Tawaf only.

The people visiting Haram in Makkah for the Umrah or Tawaf need to note that the carpets will not be laid down in these areas except for performing the five obligatory prayers. Read more: Riyadh mosque delivers Friday sermon in English

Effective Date

The effective date of the above change is from the 1st of Ramadan.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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