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Private Schools Announces to Cut 50% Fees for 1st Semester

With the curve of Coronavirus lying down on the straight line and the activities have officially resumed, new rules and regulations have been put forth by the government for the post-Covid activities. Where everything went digital, social distancing and masks become a norm, the economy, business and the income of a common household largely affected by the deadly virus.

Even though the government tried their best to facilitate the citizens and Saudi expats by reducing extra taxes yet Covid-19 successfully shifted the dynamics. During these hours, new decision from the government came regarding the education department which is likely to resume from September 2020. What did the government said? Read in the article below.

Reduction in the School Fee

The administration in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia said, Private schools in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk region will reduce their first-term fees by 50 percent.

Are the Student’s Parents Informed about it?

Yes, the schools have informed student guardians of the decision to reduce fees.

When has this Decision taken Place?

According to local newspaper, the owners of private, international and nursery schools in Tabuk were summoned to the education department where important issues related to schools were discussed on the occasion. It was there when the issue of fees was also discussed and fee reduction rules were laid down.

What will be the Outcome of Reduced Fee?

The decision by the school owners to reduce fee will benefit more than 30,000 students.

How the Students are Benefited by Reduction in School Fee?

Reduction in school fee will save 90 million riyals that can be utilized to fulfill basic necessities.

Will Teaching Resume Traditionally in Classrooms?

No, the Ministry of Education had earlier announced that education would be online during the first seven (7) weeks of the new academic year. Students will take online courses from home instead of schools.

When will Schools Open for Students?

After first Seven (7) weeks of online classes, the Ministry of Education will review the re-opening of the school.

This decision is quite thoughtful of the government because it will help parents and will let their children continue quality education. Let’s see what future the post-Covid has for us. Till then, stay safe, stay distant and stay tuned.

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