Saudi Traffic Law

Procedure for Reporting Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

We all know that the rate of traffic accidents & traffic violations in Saudi Arabia are too high and the Ministry of Transport is eyeing to bring the death rate down of Saudi citizens and Saudi expats by bringing stringent and tough traffic regulations.

Just a reminder that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among one of the countries for which the World Health Organization has recorded the highest number of human casualties due to road accidents. Read: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia for 2019

What is NAJM Company?

NAJM Insurance Services have been established to ease and facilitate all the accidents associated procedures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NAJM insurance services was formulated to endow a variety of services starting with liability determination service as in identifying traffic accidents’ responsibility percentages through highly trained & qualified representatives. The NAJM specializes in the preparation and submission of accident related documents and other services.


Functions of NAJM

Followings are certain basic functions listed for the Saudi citizens and Saudi expats:

  1. One of the major functions attributed to NAJM company is to address the accidents of the insured vehicle in case, where there are no casualties.
  2. They prepare a liability determination report. This detailed report contain the various supporting documents as evidence, like accident’s photographs, drawing, and more.
  3. The representative reaches the place of incident and prepare the damage evaluation report for the damaged vehicle. Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia
  4. They ensure the appropriate removal and clearing all the vehicles and hurdles that exist at the place of the incident.
  5. The representative assisting the traffic police to secure the road safety. Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia
  6. They also provide various other services related to the vehicle insurance industry.

Procedure for Reporting Car Accident in Saudi Arabia

In case you come across a traffic accident anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, always prioritize and ensure you and your family’s safety and anyone else with you. Take extreme care while getting out of your vehicle. Read more: Video- Speedy Driver Makes Terrible Car Accident in Riyadh

The following points are helpful to manage the post vehicle accident issues and to ensure the safe exit after due clearance with the NAJM and Traffic police.

  1. Notify the traffic police in case, in the absence of a valid insurance policy at the time of accident or in case that there are injuries or dead persons or fires.
  2. Notify the company if you do have a valid insurance policy in time of accident on the NAJM toll free customer service center no. 920000560.
  3. Share the basic information as mentioned below:
  • Name of informer I.D/ Iqama no.
  • Mobile number.
  • Car’s plate number.
  • The type of the car.
  • Insurance policy no.
  • Insurance company name.
  • City accident location.
  • Any distinguished or outstanding signs of the accident.
  1. Inform, if the car involved in the accident can be moved or not.
  2. Be sure to note the number of the case and date of the accident (given by the recipient of the call center) to facilitate the procedure of following up your case with insurance company in the future. Read: A cyclist fined SR. 3,000 by Saudi Police

Accidents Not Falling Under the Ambit of NAJM

  1. Accidents that take place outside the geographical coverage of NAJM company.
  2. Accidents that result in death cases, injuries or fires, or a result of a natural disaster or criminal accident.
  3. Accident where none of the parties to the accident have a valid insurance policy from one of the insurance companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and adopted by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).

It is essential to note that NAJM company investigates the accidents without taking financial reward from the parties to the accident, and it is essential that one party to the accident should hold a valid insurance policy from one of the insurance companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and adopted by Arabian Monetary Agency.

“Also, NAJM company for insurance services wishes you a happy and a safe drive”.

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