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Procedure for the Cancellation of Final Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

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Final Exit From Saudi Arabia to Home Country

The Saudi expats leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia require certain procedures to follow before leaving on final exit to their respective home country. These are quite essential things that need to be taken care of to safely exit from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sometimes, the Saudi expat leaving on final exit don’t pay attention to these things and suffer after reaching their home country. Cancellation of final exit visa

General List of Requirements for Saudi Expats Before Leaving Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We have enlisted below certain general guidelines to aware the Saudi expats leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure the completeness of the required things:

  1. If the employee is not terminated then he should submit an official resignation and serve the proper notice period (1 month or as mentioned in the employee contract).
  2. The rent contract must be ended as per the terms of the agreement, if there is already a rent period remaining, better find another tenant through online expatriates website to get your remaining dues before you leave.
  3. Ensure that all the utility bills and bank monthly installments are duly paid and cleared before leaving on final exit.
  4. Any subscription related to the Internet, mobile and other related services must be called off and appropriately ended.
  5. If you have a car then you need to sell it and complete the documentation (removing it from your name and transferring to the buyer’s name) before leaving on final exit.
  6. Transfer your savings and the End of services benefits received from the company in compensation for your offered services.
  7. Don’t forget to obtain the Police clearance certificates. It is highly required for the Saudi expats moving to Canada, Australia or any other European countries on Immigration. Read more: Saudi Jawazat announces to extend Saudi visit visa through Absher

Cancellation of Final Exit Visa

There might arise a situation where the Saudi expat is being requested by his/her current employer to rejoin the company for several reasons. In such cases, the Saudi expats might feel a need to know the steps of canceling the final exit visa. Read more: Extension of family Saudi visit visa restricted up to 6 months

Below are the Steps to Cancel your Final Exit Visa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Fill up the application form for Final Exit Cancellation. The information must be the same as those in the passport. The form for the cancellation of the final exit visa can be obtained from the agents near the Saudi Jawazat office. You will need to fill the form in Arabic.
  • After filling the final exit visa cancellation form, the said form must be signed and attested by the Employer/ Kafeel.
  • Kafeel/ Saudi Employer will need to write a letter to Saudi Jawazat for the cancellation of a final exit visa.
  • The letter needs to be attested by Chamber of Commerce of the city where your employer office is registered in Saudi Arabia.
  • Check your Saudi Iqama expiry and renew it before canceling your final exit visa. In case, if your iqama has expired, you need to pay a fee for the renewal of Saudi Iqama as well (including a penalty).
  • Attach 2 Passport sized photographs with white background.
  • Attach a copy of your Saudi Iqama.
  • Attach a copy of your valid passport.
  • Attach a copy of the final exit visa.
  • The Saudi representative of your employer/ Kafeel must be present along with you while canceling final exit visa. Read more : Grace period for Saudi Iqama renewal

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