Procedure for the Registration & Renewal of SOCPA by the Saudi expats 2019-2020

Registration under SOCPA Mandatory

Recently, the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants has announced and made it mandatory that all the Saudi expats working in the accounting, finance and related professions must get themselves registered under SOCPA by submitting and verifying their original educational documents and relevant certifications.

SOCPA fees for first-time Registration & Renewal fees

The SOCPA fees have been classified as follows:

First Time Registration Fees

The Saudi expats getting registered under SOCPA for the first time need to submit online all their required documents including their relevant degrees and certifications. The Fees for the 1st time registration is SAR 800.

Renewal of SOCPA Fees

The payment required for renewal of SOCPA membership by those who have already got registered under SOCPA is SAR 300.

List of Professions Required to Register under SOCPA

S.No. Professions
1 Director of the financial reports department.
2 Director of the Zakat & taxes department.
3 Director of financial and accounting affairs.
4 Director of Internal auditing department.
5 Director of G.A of reviewing.
6 Chief of Internal auditing programs.
7 Financial Controller.
8 Manager of Accounts and Budget.
9 Senior Financial Auditor.
10 Internal auditor.
11 Financial Auditing Supervisor.
12 Auditor, accounts.
13 Accounts auditing technician.
14 Accounts Technician General.
15 Cost accounting technician.
16 Cost Accountant.
17 Cost Clerk.
18 General Accountant.
19 Finance Clerk.

List of Professional Degrees & Certifications admissible under SOCPA Registration

We have enlisted below, the summary list of Professional degrees and Certifications which are allowed and admissible by SOCPA for the registration of Saudi expats. Anyone who wishes to register under the SOCPA membership guidelines must possess any one of the following degrees or certifications.

S.No. Degrees/ Certificates
1 Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in accounting.
2 Post-secondary accounting diploma.
3 A graduate of one of the faculties of administrative sciences and passed at least 15 academic hours in accounting, however, those who do not complete the above mentioned 15 academic hours are required to:
3.1 Attend accounting, auditing, Zakat and tax fellowship courses which, all together, are equivalent to nine academic hours
3.2 Complete required hours bypassing topics equivalent to (15) hours in accounting or auditing at one of the recognized universities.
4 Holds one of the following professional certificates:
a). American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
b). Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).
c). Institute of Chartered Accountants of Canada (CICA).
d). Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (CA-Australia).
e). Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in London, UK (ACCA).
f). Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).
g). The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).
h). Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) of the United States of America (CMA).
i). Institute of Certified Internal Auditors (IIA) in the United States of America (CIA).

Step by Step Procedure for the Registration under SOCPA

Steps Details Screenshots
Step-1 Click this website (Click here) link to access the SOCPA online services, After clicking the link, a new screen will appear, press the New User Button.
Step-2 After clicking the NEW USER BUTTON, a new screen will appear which will require User registration. Fill the information mentioned in this screen to proceed further and get your User Name and Login ID.
Step-3 Once all the information mentioned in Step 2 has been filled, the Login ID and Password will be sent to the email ID that you have mentioned in Step 2.

Step-4 Once you receive the email for activation, click that activation link and after clicking you will experience the below-mentioned message which will ask you to click here for login.

Step-5 Under Step 4, once you click the link for the login, you will experience a new screen as mentioned below. In the new screen, it will ask you the Iqama Number which you need to fill in order to proceed further.
Step-6 Once you have entered the Iqama Number, then Under Step 6, you will receive a verification code on your mobile phone.
Step-7 After entering the verification code, you will experience a new screen where you have to click on the Membership Request BUTTON.

Step-8 After clicking the Membership Request under Step 7, you will experience a new screen as mentioned below where you need to select one of the degrees or certificates that you possess for the purpose of getting registered under SOCPA.

Step-9 Once you select the degree or the relevant certificate that you hold, you click next and then you will see a new screen as mentioned below. Hereunder Step 9, you need to upload the required documents as mentioned below:
  1. Your Photo,
  2. Copy of Degree or Certification,
  3. Copy of Iqama,
  4. Copy of Passport,
  5. Copy of Transcript,
  6. Copy of Authorization letter
Step-10 Once you upload the above-mentioned documents, you need to press the NEXT Button, a new screen will appear which will show the amount of SOCPA Membership fee that you need to pay. Here you will be provided with the option to pay the fee through online debit card transactions or credit card.

Step by Step Procedure for the Renewal of SOCPA Membership


Once you login to the SOCPA online services website, you will experience a new screen as mentioned below. In the new screen, it will ask you the Iqama Number which you need to fill in order to proceed further.


Once you have entered the Iqama Number, then Under Step 2, you will receive a verification code on your mobile phone.


Under Step 3, you will see the below-mentioned screenshot, just click on the Membership and Professional registration TAB and then click on Dashboard. After clicking the Dashboard you will further tables which state that your Membership is expired and you need to renew it.


Under Step 4, you need to press the button of Renew.


Once you press the Renew Button under Step 4, you will see a new screen where it will ask you to pay the renewal of the SOCPA membership fee. Just click on the PAY BUTTON.


Under Step 5, once you click the PAY BUTTON, then it will take you to further Step 6 where you need to press the CONFIRM Button to pay the Renewal fees.


Under Step 7, it will ask you the mode of payment which means through online Debit card or Credit. Just select the mode of the payment and proceed payment after which your SOCPA Membership will be renewed.

Source: SOCPA

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