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Procedure for the Shipment of the Dead Body Outside Saudi Arabia

Shipment of Dead body

Death of an Expatriate Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Death is the reality in all of our lives, none of us can ignore it as every human being who came in this world has to die one day. Normally each one of us pray that whenever we die, we die in our home country, among our relatives.

We also pray that subsequent to our death, we are buried in the home town of our country so that our loved ones visit our graves to pray for us.

Most of the Saudi expats working inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not well-aware of the regulations and the related procedures required to transport the dead body of any other Saudi expats to their home countries in the event of their death.

Many of our readers have requested to list down the procedures of repatriating the dead body required to follow in the event of the death of Saudi expats working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read more: Saudi teacher in trouble after taking kids to washing of dead body

Death of Non-Muslims Saudi Expat in Saudi Arabia

It is important to discuss here that only Muslims Saudi expats can be buried in Saudi Arabia. If some non-Muslim dies in Saudi Arabia, his body has to be sent back to his native country.

In order to repatriate the dead body of Saudi expat, a death certificate issued by the Saudi Authorities is required. Moreover, the permission of the embassy is also required in this regard. It is the responsibility of the sponsor of the deceased person to take care of all the administrative processes and bear the burden of the cost involved with it.

Therefore, followings are the general guidelines that must be followed to transport the dead bodies to the home countries.

Examining the dead body by KFUPM Medical Centre

In case of death of a Saudi expat at work or at his/her residence, a doctor from KFUPM Medical Center should examine him and transfer the dead body to the King Fahd Teaching Hospital, Al-Khobar with a preliminary medical examination report. Read more: Saudi expat worker lost his life due to fear of monkey

Issuance of a Medical Report by the Government Hospital

Upon receiving the dead body, the Saudi Government hospital will examine the dead body of Saudi expat and issue a Medical Report.

Written Consent of the Family Members Required

Written consent of the deceased person’s family will be needed for burial in Saudi Arabia or the shipment of the dead body of Saudi expat to the country of origin.

The deceased’s legal heirs should also prepare a “Power of Attorney” wherein they should specify the “Bank Account Number” and the “Names of the Beneficiaries” who will receive the final settlement of dues and the personal belongings of the deceased which will be shipped with the dead body.

The “Power of Attorney” should be certified by the Foreign Office of the deceased’s country and the Saudi Embassy/ Consulate in that country.

Address of the Deceased

The address of the deceased in his native country should be printed in “Arabic and English” with 9 photocopies.

Copies of the Passport and Iqama

Nine (9) copies of passport and Iqama and the original passport of the Saudi expat deceased will be required.

Approval by the Embassy in Saudi Arabia

Approval of the concerned embassy in KSA for the burial in Saudi Arabia or shipment of the Saudi expat dead body abroad will be required.

Issuance of a Police Report and NOC

The local Police Department and the Governorate should be contacted for the completion of other formalities e.g. issuance of a Police Report containing the cause of death etc., followed by the issuance of “No Objection Certificate” by the Governorate in sealed envelopes addressed to the local Passport department, Government Hospital, Customs Dept., and the Airport Passport Dept., for the shipment of the Saudi expat dead body abroad.

Issuance of Death Certificate from Ahwal Al-Madania Department

After the issuance of the Police Report, the Ahwal Al-Madania Dept. (Civil Registration Dept.) will issue an “Official Death Certificate” for the deceased.

Issuance of Exit Visas for the Saudi Expat’s Dead Body

After receiving the official Death Certificate and the sealed envelopes, an exit visa will be issued by the Passport Department for the dead body to be shipped outside Saudi Arabia.

Finally, the travel arrangements should be made with the concerned Airline to make flight reservations to the native country of the deceased.

Informing the Government Hospital Before the Flight

After finalizing the travel arrangements, the Government hospital should be informed 9 hours before the flight departure time in order to embalm the dead body and prepare the coffin for the final shipment.

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