Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Procedure of Getting Online Treatment from Doctors in Saudi Arabia During Curfew Hours

Emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the deadliest novel disease, Coronavirus or Covid-19, has become the most significant threat for life on Earth. One can never think that the countries would become isolated, cutting off ties, crashing economy, and what worse anyone can think of. Saudi Arabia, like every other country, initiated its precautionary measures to avoid any case of the corona.

However, unfortunate in their end, after a lot of measures, the country still got infected with roughly 1,104 people reported to date. However, the announcements made at their end grabbed special attention since it is the oldest hub of pilgrimage, a new tourism spot under the Saudi Vision 2030 and the oil supplier for decades. From being the first country to announce the suspension of international flight for 2 weeks to initiating curfew from 7 pm in the evening to 6 am in the morning.

However, with all the social distancing and self-isolation, people who are getting sick by any means couldn’t understand who to approach to check themselves and get the right treatment. Caring about the citizens and expatriates Saudi Arabia has launched an app to facilitate the citizens and expatriates of Saudi Arabia. Know exclusively all about Coronavirus in the article below.

Another Facility Announced by the Health Ministry

Where the country is fighting with Coronavirus and with the health authorities as frontline soldiers, The Saudi Minister of Health Dr. Taufiq al-Bariya has announced another facility for citizens and Saudi expats to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

What is the New Facility Announced by the Ministry?

According to the sources, Health Minister Dr. Al-Ba’ariya while announcing the new facility said,

“Citizens and Saudi expats can receive online prescriptions via telephone application, Anat to inform doctors about their situation. The doctors have been appointed to follow the instructions as well.”

Can patients buy their medicines as well?

Yes, patients will be able to purchase medicines from their nearest pharmacy. Earlier, pharmacies in Saudi Arabia were prohibited from selling medicines to consumers without a prescription.

Why has this Decision taken by the Ministry?

Since the absence of patients to the doctors will be a hindrance to preventing the spread of the virus, the Ministry considered this option.

Is there any Website of Anat as well?

Yes, Download an application of Anat from here.

Is there any Website of Anat as well?

Yes, (click here) Anat is the official website of the Ministry of Health and Saudi Health Specialization. Now with the mobile application launched, the licensed doctors in the kingdom will be allowed to issue prescriptions online.

What crucial role will Anat play in this critical condition?

Anat will be playing an important role both at doctors as well as patients end. It will be

  • facilitating communication between doctors and patients
  • Sharing of experience between doctors themselves

With coronavirus spread in the country where people are worried about going to the hospital for treatment for a minor illness, doctors are also worried as no one knows who has the virus, so online prescription is the tool at the current moment. Download the app and stay safe and in your homes to save lives.

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