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Procedure of online marriages for Saudi expats

Since the outbreak of pandemic in Saudi Arbia for the almost last one year, there are so many saudi expats who had to marry earlier but could not make it to reach their home country due to several restrictions. Most of them normally consider it safe to do online marriage securing their marriage plan and as well as securing their current job in Saudi Arabia. Based on this situation, we have written below a detailed article which will help the Saudi expats in getting the awareness and knowing the procedure of getting married online. Please read the article till the end to understand the complete procedure.

The Saudi Ministry of Justice has said that the Saudi expats residing in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia can marry here and legalize their marriage online if they fulfil the conditions through the “Najiz” gate.

Conditions for conducting proceedings of online marriage

The Ministry of Justice says that if one of the brides and groom is non-Saudi or both the bride and groom do not know Arabic and the guardian of the bride is a lawyer, then online marriage proceedings can be conducted.

What are the Requirements for the Online Proceedings?

The effective power of attorney for online marriage proceedings is necessary and both the parties in the marriage must be present online. In the absence of one of the parties to the marriage, his or her authorized lawyer will be able to complete the necessary procedures and requirements.

Requirements for the divorcee

If the bride is divorced, then the original copy or certified photocopy of the divorce certificate or Khula Nama or annulment document must be submitted.

Requirements for a Party Who is a Minor

If either party to the marriage is a minor, an original copy of the guardian’s letter or a certified photocopy should be provided.

What if the bride’s father has passed away?

If the bride’s father has passed away, then the original list of heirs or a certified photocopy must be submitted.

What if in case one of the brides & groom is Saudi National?

If one of the brides and groom is Saudi, then the Saudi marriage plan with a non-Saudi will be implemented.

Procedure for Online Legalization through Najiz Gate

Service for marriage and then court selection. Register the information about the applicant and the parties concerned. Attach the required documents and apply.

Saudi Arabian government is making every governmental process online. This is appreciated by the public as in these circumstances people can avoid public due to increase in COVI19 cases. And can perform their government-related workers online. For more information, do visit our website.

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