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Procedure of Recovering the car from Saudi police yard through new online Absher system

Traffic violations are one of the most common violations occurring across the world. What more tragic is the increasing number of deaths through these violations. The people cannot think superior of their lives which results in traumatic accidents and even fatalities or lifetime disabilities. These traffic violations include over speeding, parking at wrong places, crossing red signal or wrong turns on roads etc.

Saudi Arabia, the hub of traffic accidents and traffic violations, has started taking action on these violations. Under Saudi Vision 2030, the country has imposed different rules and regulations with detailed guidelines for the public to follow. We have recently discussed the new violation charges imposed by the government officials to restrain people from these violations, especially when women, as well as foreigners, are given a chance to be on roads.

Absher the electronic portal to serve the public has listed all the guidelines charges, fines and data on every individual record. Recently, a new service has been launched in context to traffic violations. What is it about? Read in the article below.

Find your car in the Saudi police yard through Absher

According to traffic laws in the kingdom, parking vehicles at certain areas is prohibited, while at places they are locked or even picked up and taken to police yard. In this context, the traffic police department using their Traffic Police Twitter account announced that a new facility had been added to the Ministry of Interior’s website Absher for information about vehicles submitted to the yard. Read more: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia for 2020

How to find your car through Absher portal?

To find out about the vehicles collected in traffic yard through Absher system, you need to follow the given steps.

  • Open Absher electronic portal (Click here).
  • Login to your Absher account.
  • Once you login to your Absher account, you will find an option of Vehicle services under Electronic service category.
  • Now click on the “Inquires”, a new window will open where you will find an option “Query Impoundment Vehicles“.
  • If the vehicle is in police custody, it will show the details such as the details of the violation and the required fine.
  • The vehicle will be set free after submitting the fine. Read more: The selling and buying of cars through online Abshir Account in KSA Now


Companies allocated to maintain order on roads

Along with various violation charges, the traffic police have signed agreements with private companies in different cities which are responsible for regulating parking in the markets. These private companies have made special arrangements to provide automated prepayment systems for vehicle parking in different markets. Read more: Traffic Violations will now be Detected through new system known as CATSO

What do the representatives of these companies do?

According to the law, vehicles, if placed at prohibited areas, are susceptible to violation charges. Representatives from the private company are available from time to time in these particular areas to assure that no car can be parked there. Further, these representatives check whether or not parked vehicle owners have taken tickets. The vehicle is locked immediately when there is no ticket on the dashboard of the car. Wheel Lock is not opened unless a fixed invoice is paid. Read more: Tinting car windows can be a violation under certain conditions

Mostly, police Lifters pick up vehicles parked at prohibited locations at central locations in Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and Riyadh. They submit these cars to the police yard. However, with this new facility on Absher portal, the people can quickly locate their vehicles. Let’s see what reviews we will get from people after using this service. Till then, please share this post and let us know in the comment section of this digital service.

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