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Procedure of transferring sponsorship for domestic workers after recent changes in Saudi Labor Law

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With every ease, there’s the difficulty. The same is the case with expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. Where Saudi Arabia is known to provide jobs and employment to everyone with good incomes, there come the necessary strict rules for working. Living in Saudi Arabia itself is complicated with all the sponsorship, taxes, Saudi Iqama, conservative environment, and many more.

Although, with Saudi Vision 2030 in process, the country has changed a lot, from allowing women to drive, to emphasize on Saudization. From arranging international events and attracting tourists from all over the world to developing new avenues in the country, the officials have done it right.

It is the more significant part of the image, in the smaller focus, the Saudi domestic workers were still a part of tyranny due to their inability to relocate themselves to various companies. But it seems like the officials have started thinking of minute details as well. Why is it so? Read about the exclusive insight in the article below.

The Previous rule of changing sponsor/ kafeel within domestic jobs

Millions of Saudi expat workers come to Saudi Arabia as domestic workers such as private drivers, gardeners, maids, etc. They enter the kingdom on a domestic worker permit. According to the constitutional laws of the kingdom, these Saudi domestic workers are allowed to transfer sponsorship/ kafeel as Saudi domestic workers, but they cannot relocate themselves to any company.

This was trouble in the neck for many Saudi domestic workers. However, recent news fled that The Saudi Ministry of Labor has allowed domestic staff to enter the institutions by transferring sponsorship.

What is the New rule of transferring sponsorship for Saudi domestic workers?

According to the local news, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, based on humanitarian services, has started to allow transferring sponsorship of the Saudi domestic expat workers under the condition of sponsorship transfer. This new rule will solve the problems of Saudi domestic workers. Read more: New Fines & Penalties Introduced by Ministry benefiting Saudi expats working in Saudi Arabia

Is the facility announced on the official website?

No, the Ministry of Labor did not provide this facility on its website, but through the branches of the Ministry, Saudi domestic workers could cope up with the institutional relocation. Implementation has been started on this. Read more: Saudi expat can change their sponsorship under 3 conditions without NOC from existing sponsor

Can every Saudi domestic worker transfer their sponsorship?

According to local newspaper, the Ministry of Labor has imposed a condition of such sponsorhsip transfer. The condition of sponsorship transfer is that the Saudi domestic worker’s status will not be renewed for more than a year. Further said,

If a domestic worker has been renewed for more than a year, the sponsorship transfer request will not be accepted. The main reason for this is that domestic workers are exempt from on-site fees.

How can a Saudi domestic worker transfer his sponsorship?

For transferring sponsorship from one sponsor to any other sponsor, the Ministry of Labor has issued a standard form for the purpose of change of domestic worker sponsorhip to any other sponsor which was earlier disallowed. This form is available in translation if the Saudi domestic worker cannot understand Arabic. The form contains various fields to be filled such as,

  • Worker’s Full name.
  • Worker’s Saudi Iqama number.
  • Company name.
  • Conmercial registration number.
  • Company’s authorize manager name.
  • Signature of the authorized manager.
  • Thumb mark.
  • Company’s seal.

What are the necessary documents required with the form?

Following documents are necessary to be attached with the form such as,

  1. The consent letter of existing sponsor that the Saudi domestic worker is allowing to get the transfer of sponsorship. This consent letter will be attested from the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. A letter from the new sponsor with due attestion from the Chamber of Commerce will be required.

What is kept in mind by the worker and the company during the sponsorship transfer process?

One condition that is mandatory and must be kept in mind by both the worker and the company that by hiring the worker, the company should not be excluded from the middle green category of Nitaqat or Saudiization.

It is indeed a good step by the Saudi Government officials to think of the domestic workers working in the kingdom and serving them. It opens up their avenues allowing them to continue working in the kingdom and earn their livelihood. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and spread the recent news among your fellows.

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Source: Okaz/ Al-Marsd

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